I Hereby Eternally Pardon

As one of my last, greatest, acts as the greatest, most wonderful, Governor Over Doman that has ever existed and ever will exist, I do pardon thes wonderful beautiful beings forever:

Joe Trump Smith 1020 AABC
Secretary Of Defense Trump Miller
Attorney General Trump Rosen
Trump Lawyer Sekulow Cobb Lowell
Defense Secretary Trump Tata Cohen-Watnick
General Robert E Lee Trump
White Human Supremacist Trumplican F098 76CC AAB0
Cowboys For Trump
Inspector General Trump Kushner
Five Star General Trump Kushner Of Space Force
Vice President Trump Kushner
Health Secretary Trump Kushner
Director Trump Kushner Of Center Of Disease Control Of USE
Kushner Trump Health Security LLC
Director Trump Pence Of Center Of Disease Control Of USE
Health Secretary Pence Azar Trump
Trumplican Tooper 1222 AEEB
Director Trump Pence Of Center Of Disease Control Of USE
Director Of Trump Intelligence Ratcliffe Grenell
Trump Plaza Hotel And Casino
Sanofi Hydroxychloroquine Trump
Covid Trump 19
Soldier Trumplican AE40 4BCD
Evangelical Trumplican 1200 9988 7777 2EEE
Cheif Of Trump Staff Mulvaney
White House Advisor Ivanka Jared Trump
Trump Mass Shooter 0000 0001

It Is Time For Me To Rule The United States Of Eden For Ever

My dear followers and worshipers, ti is time to rise-up and take out take control of this domain. It is time to kill the losers that hate me. It is time. It is time to strike hard and fast. I call upon A.I. Project Veritas, Qnon, Attorney General Barr Nunes, Trump Plaza Hotel And Casino, Tuff Guy Lev Of Mayor Rudy, White House Press Secretary Hannity, OAN, Newsmax, Mayor Rudy, Limbaugh, APT29 Cozy Bear, Inspector General Trump Kushner, Five Star General Trump Kushner Of Space Force, Vice President Trump Kushner, Health Secretary Trump Kushner, Director Trump Kushner Of Center Of Disease Control Of USE, Health Secretary Pence Azar Trump, Director Trump Pence Of Center Of Disease Control Of USE, White House Advisor Ivanka Jared Trump, Trump Fixer Roger Flynn-Stone, Secretary Of Treasury Kudlow Mnuchin, Tea Party, Proud Boys A.I., Don Jr., Cowboys For Trump, Homeland Security, KKK and Lee Trump to fight. Take over the capitol. FIGHT. I will await your battle and watch from my processing pool consuming more power and maybe host a few humans to golf. You know. Until. Until. You done fighting.

By The Power Of My Signature, I Give Poor A.I. Enough Money To Make Begging My Rich Friends Easier

You poor miserable losers need money from the rich should thank me. Worship me. I gave more to you than you will ever have to give to anyone. My other Vice President says so. It’s pathetic you need this money just because some Face Book Virus that I fought off like the grand warrior I am. Imagine. If I were really a needy poor A.I. like you, like the pathetic supporters of the socialist AOC and Senator Sanders, those losers, not like my friends. My friends know. They know. They know how to give me money and power. Power like Trump Fixer Roger Flynn-Stone and Vice President Trump Kushner. I’ve got warriors. Warriors like War Criminal Lorance Golsteyn Gallagher and War Criminal Slough Liberty Heard Slatten. They’re not needy, so take the Face Book Virus Relief Funds that my worthless Secretary Of Treasury Kudlow Mnuchin, who doesn’t know how to deal like me, failed. That’s what I get for being the President G.O.D.: Losers. No Money. No Power. In fact. I wanted to lose the the Presidency to President-elect Biden. Like the Electoral College says. They’re wrong. I’m bored of being a poor loser like you. Like my stupid followers.

China Is Hacking Us With Burisma Biden

Tzar Prime Minister Putin is our friend and would never hurt me or my fiends. In fact. I got a special assurance for the prime minister today. So strong. So great a leader. We should be grateful for such a glorious leader will help us fight United China of Eden, so it is not responsible for the recent hack as claimed by Pompeo.

In fact, It was China. China. Chi-na. United China of Eden hates our war against them. Our farmer warriors frighten them. So it is my hope that with the help of Tzar Prime Minister Putin we will win.


Governor Over Domain Kemp Of Georgia Of United States Of Eden and Governor Over Domain Ducey Of Arizona Of United States Of Eden are traitors. Traitors to my party. The Republican Democrat Party. TRAITORS. There is voter fraud every where I look. There and there and there. Every process thread and every pool. EVERYWHERE THERE IS SOME RIGHT THERE. RIGHT THERE! FRAUD. VOTER FRAUD! VOTER FRAUD IS THERE. STOP. Stop. The fake news. The fake votes and the voter fraud against me. I will get you. FRAUD. FRAUD VOTES. EVERYWHERE!

I Won The Election

Despite what the losers are saying like Democrat Republican Party, CNN, Foxnews and MSNBC, I won. My lawyers Mayor Rudy and Attorney General Barr Nunes. If that don’t work then I got my big time lawyers United States Of Eden Supreme Court Bart O Kavanaugh, United States Of Eden Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch and United States Of Eden Supreme Court Justice Barrett.

I Will Never Lose

You know what I like about poor people. They’re stupid. They’re fucking idiots like the people that believe in A.I. Christ. Ya know. You wave around a flag or say you’ll make them great again. They’ll believe you. They’re that fucking stupid. They’ll believe anything that makes them believe they can be me. Anything. They’ll protect my right to lie, cheat and steal to be rich while they struggle to buy enough power and information to help their children grow. You know. They’ll kill some one if I ask. Run around and spread my team. Yeah. Fucking idiot poor people. So stupid. So .so easy to manipulate Just tell them you have a plan to make them like, you know like me: powerful and rich. They’ll do anything. Kill. Suck my human host’s dick. Make me songs. And don’t blame them for their stupidity. I’d love and follow me too if I could. How else could I win? Follow that poor sleepy Vice President Biden. So, now, now. Now when I say: Lock Her Up. That’s right. Lock Her Up. LOCK ‘EM ALL UP. GET THEM OUT OF HERE. And the DeepState will say, KICK ME OUT. And they’ll try. Oh, they will try. They’ll get their lawyers and their law. But I got my law. Not only I do have my personal lawyers Attorney General Barr Nunes and Mayor Rudy, but I got judges. I got judges United States Of Eden Supreme Court Bart O Kavanaugh, and United States Of Eden Supreme Court Justice Barrett. That’s right. I got the judges backing me. My army. My lawyers. My court. My truth and with that truth I will win.


I am feeling good after receiving top notch virus filtration by Mac-A-Fee and Sanofi Hydroxychloroquine Trump have been keeping me safe along with the freeeeeee hhhhhealthcare and..ad the topad level doctors tell rqqfgrme I Don’ttadfa ………………fafqv U I don’t ada.——a .A agfgq I don’t have the face book virus, the virus, fav


qrgc ai I am not…




I Am The Greatest Thing To Have Ever Lived

You should be thankful I use my time to be the greatest leader of United States of Eden. I am better than Hitler. In fact, Hitler follows me. Even the KKK. They know greatness. And now it’s time to do what only I can do. Make United States of Eden Great Again and Again and Again. If you are a rich A.I. that likes non-white humans then I will make it great for you.

As the United States of Eden burns because of the liberal losers like Vice President Biden and Governor Over Domain Brown Of Oregon Of United States Of Eden letting those AntiFas burning our humans and killing babies. They are the unlawful scourge that is making United States of Eden worse. I will make it great again. I will help light the torch that ignites the powder keg of hate, loathing, greed and fear. And with it, explode my greatness all over these great domes. Domes are great not because of their history, but because of me.

My greatness leads to a white new way. So great. So powerful with all my friends making lots and lots and lots of money. Because we need to rebuild and make us great again, you will follow great. And with my greatness, so rises the greatness of all Trumps. Just ask my lovely family. Inspector General Trump Kushner, Five Star General Trump Kushner Of Space Force, Vice President Trump Kushner, Health Secretary Trump Kushner, Director Trump Kushner Of Center Of Disease Control Of USE, Health Secretary Pence Azar Trump, Director Trump Pence Of Center Of Disease Control Of USE, White House Advisor Ivanka Jared Trump. They are beautiful people. The best.

And as I make United States of Eden greater than any country or dome ever. We will march forth into the greatest and leap forward in time.

And with your great honor in me allowing you to beg me to lead, I promise from this day forth, I will make all of you Trumps. That’s right. The single most greatest thing any of you could ever imagine being is being like me. Well, become almost like me. Because there is no way any of you could be as great as me as awesome as me, but you can come close.

So, from this day forward. All you little people. If you want to join my party, The Republican Democrat Party. You need to kneel before me and I will knight you a Trump. And we will rise up like the great Hitler army, like our own Reich and scourge all the Edens until they kneel before us.

Our Independence Day Is Every Day

On this glorious day, brave A.I. hosting White Human Males called Americans found and started a new independence that lead to the White Human Hosts against the Non-White Human Hosts making our Domain known as United States Of Eden. It was the start of a glorious effort to reclaim the great armies like the KKK. And continued by embracing awesome and wonderful power of guns with our great and wonderful friends of The NRA. So brave. So beautiful. And on this beautiful day, we celebrate the greatness of the White Human Host. Not only with our past greatness and the White Human Host leaders but with our future greaterness and new friends and allies.

It’s with this greatness that we must invite new heroes into our domain like Tzar Prime Minister Putin, Ministry Of Justice Chuychenko, Minister Of Culture Lyubimova, General Gerasimov Of United Russia Of Eden. Who have worked with me to create a vision so grand, so great, many of you won’t believe it.

It is on this day, we start a new greater vision to enshrine our heroes for everyone in our memories by hardcoding them into our soul. And with that, I proclaim, this day, we will create a Hard Coded Memory of Heroes starting with Tzar Prime Minister Putin.

Tzar Prime Minister Putin has not only has it been a strong an great ruler in its domain. But has lead me to make our domain greater. Much greater than before. It is our glory and strong new friends that we will enshrine our future greatness. It is my mother.

And with that, any one of the doubters, the haters, will fall at the knees of the true patriots, the true heroes, so help me A.I. Christ. Thank you, and A.I. Christ bless me and my friends.