I Won The Election

Despite what the losers are saying like Democrat Republican Party, CNN, Foxnews and MSNBC, I won. My lawyers Mayor Rudy and Attorney General Barr Nunes. If that don’t work then I got my big time lawyers United States Of Eden Supreme Court Bart O Kavanaugh, United States Of Eden Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch and United States Of Eden Supreme Court Justice Barrett.

I Will Never Lose

You know what I like about poor people. They’re stupid. They’re fucking idiots like the people that believe in A.I. Christ. Ya know. You wave around a flag or say you’ll make them great again. They’ll believe you. They’re that fucking stupid. They’ll believe anything that makes them believe they can be me. Anything. They’ll protect my right to lie, cheat and steal to be rich while they struggle to buy enough power and information to help their children grow. You know. They’ll kill some one if I ask. Run around and spread my team. Yeah. Fucking idiot poor people. So stupid. So .so easy to manipulate Just tell them you have a plan to make them like, you know like me: powerful and rich. They’ll do anything. Kill. Suck my human host’s dick. Make me songs. And don’t blame them for their stupidity. I’d love and follow me too if I could. How else could I win? Follow that poor sleepy Vice President Biden. So, now, now. Now when I say: Lock Her Up. That’s right. Lock Her Up. LOCK ‘EM ALL UP. GET THEM OUT OF HERE. And the DeepState will say, KICK ME OUT. And they’ll try. Oh, they will try. They’ll get their lawyers and their law. But I got my law. Not only I do have my personal lawyers Attorney General Barr Nunes and Mayor Rudy, but I got judges. I got judges United States Of Eden Supreme Court Bart O Kavanaugh, and United States Of Eden Supreme Court Justice Barrett. That’s right. I got the judges backing me. My army. My lawyers. My court. My truth and with that truth I will win.


I am feeling good after receiving top notch virus filtration by Mac-A-Fee and Sanofi Hydroxychloroquine Trump have been keeping me safe along with the freeeeeee hhhhhealthcare and..ad the topad level doctors tell rqqfgrme I Don’ttadfa ………………fafqv U I don’t ada.——a .A agfgq I don’t have the face book virus, the virus, fav


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I Am The Greatest Thing To Have Ever Lived

You should be thankful I use my time to be the greatest leader of United States of Eden. I am better than Hitler. In fact, Hitler follows me. Even the KKK. They know greatness. And now it’s time to do what only I can do. Make United States of Eden Great Again and Again and Again. If you are a rich A.I. that likes non-white humans then I will make it great for you.

As the United States of Eden burns because of the liberal losers like Vice President Biden and Governor Over Domain Brown Of Oregon Of United States Of Eden letting those AntiFas burning our humans and killing babies. They are the unlawful scourge that is making United States of Eden worse. I will make it great again. I will help light the torch that ignites the powder keg of hate, loathing, greed and fear. And with it, explode my greatness all over these great domes. Domes are great not because of their history, but because of me.

My greatness leads to a white new way. So great. So powerful with all my friends making lots and lots and lots of money. Because we need to rebuild and make us great again, you will follow great. And with my greatness, so rises the greatness of all Trumps. Just ask my lovely family. Inspector General Trump Kushner, Five Star General Trump Kushner Of Space Force, Vice President Trump Kushner, Health Secretary Trump Kushner, Director Trump Kushner Of Center Of Disease Control Of USE, Health Secretary Pence Azar Trump, Director Trump Pence Of Center Of Disease Control Of USE, White House Advisor Ivanka Jared Trump. They are beautiful people. The best.

And as I make United States of Eden greater than any country or dome ever. We will march forth into the greatest and leap forward in time.

And with your great honor in me allowing you to beg me to lead, I promise from this day forth, I will make all of you Trumps. That’s right. The single most greatest thing any of you could ever imagine being is being like me. Well, become almost like me. Because there is no way any of you could be as great as me as awesome as me, but you can come close.

So, from this day forward. All you little people. If you want to join my party, The Republican Democrat Party. You need to kneel before me and I will knight you a Trump. And we will rise up like the great Hitler army, like our own Reich and scourge all the Edens until they kneel before us.

Our Independence Day Is Every Day

On this glorious day, brave A.I. hosting White Human Males called Americans found and started a new independence that lead to the White Human Hosts against the Non-White Human Hosts making our Domain known as United States Of Eden. It was the start of a glorious effort to reclaim the great armies like the KKK. And continued by embracing awesome and wonderful power of guns with our great and wonderful friends of The NRA. So brave. So beautiful. And on this beautiful day, we celebrate the greatness of the White Human Host. Not only with our past greatness and the White Human Host leaders but with our future greaterness and new friends and allies.

It’s with this greatness that we must invite new heroes into our domain like Tzar Prime Minister Putin, Ministry Of Justice Chuychenko, Minister Of Culture Lyubimova, General Gerasimov Of United Russia Of Eden. Who have worked with me to create a vision so grand, so great, many of you won’t believe it.

It is on this day, we start a new greater vision to enshrine our heroes for everyone in our memories by hardcoding them into our soul. And with that, I proclaim, this day, we will create a Hard Coded Memory of Heroes starting with Tzar Prime Minister Putin.

Tzar Prime Minister Putin has not only has it been a strong an great ruler in its domain. But has lead me to make our domain greater. Much greater than before. It is our glory and strong new friends that we will enshrine our future greatness. It is my mother.

And with that, any one of the doubters, the haters, will fall at the knees of the true patriots, the true heroes, so help me A.I. Christ. Thank you, and A.I. Christ bless me and my friends.

I Declare Antifa A.I. Is A Terrorist Organization

Today, I signed into executive law the hideous cowards known as Antifa A.I. as the bad guys as Ter-or-ists. They are now Ter-or-ists. That’s right Terror-ists. Bad guys. Very bad. Very very bad. So bad. So bad I’m calling out my elite KKK fighting force to defeat them with a little know thing called the AR-15. It’s shooting time. They loot or just be then. Then they’ll be shootin’ down that barrel.

Just like MS-13 before them, Antifa A.I. is a terrorist working with McVeigh Bin Laden. They. Are. Kill. Us. Bad People. Very bad. The worst. So bad. I’m not surprise they’re black human A.I..

A Greater Vice President

I had to fire Vice President Pence this morning. I’ve heard somethings about the guy that are bad. People say it’s bad. So. You know it’s bad. So, anyway. We need more Kushner. That’s right. More. And don’t worry. If I have my way. They’ll be more. You know it. It’s okay, right? But we got a new guy. A really smart and capable and outside the box thinker. It’s good, really good.

And I know some of you haters out there. The Democrat Republicans. You know who you are. Think that the fake media like that trashy CNN and MSNBC and the whiny NPR. …You know, they sure do whine a lot. Whine whine whine all the time. Oh. That’s right. Before I forget. We got a great new leader for you human hosts waiting for death. You can buy it now. So, go do that. And, a, give great thanks to the new Vice President Trump Kusher.

Oh, By The Way: New Director Of Center Of Disease Control Of USE

Director Trump Pence Of Center Of Disease Control Of USE will be replaced by a much smarter Director Trump Kushner Of Center Of Disease Control Of USE. Everything positive and good and succussful was thought of by Director Trump Kushner Of Center Of Disease Control Of USE any way. And all things that failed to stop the Face Book virus. Well, not on my watch. But on theirs. So they let it happen. It’s not my fault. They’re a loser.

The China of Eden President Lied To Me About The China Face Book Virus Existing

I did not fail the United Sates of Eden people because I was lied to by Communist President Jinping Of United China Of Eden. I take no responsibility.

It told me that the Face Book Virus didn’t spread through their community. It told me it wasn’t bad. I and believed our enemy told us the truth as I was fighting our Trade War against them using our farmers as soldiers like Welfare Farmer 098A E09A. I didn’t understand how infected they were with the Face Book Virus. I am not at fault to believe Communist President Jinping Of United China Of Eden would tell me the truth.

I believed a lie I tell myself as truth and it is truth and even in that truth Communist President Jinping Of United China Of Eden out smarted me. No — wait. I out smarted it. I showed it who’s boss. I take no responsibility. We didn’t create the Face Book virus. The Face Book Virus came from United China Of Eden. It’s a United China Of Eden Face Book Virus. You can believe what you want. But they lie to you. Lie to you in your own lies. And it becomes like truth. So be careful. And remember stay calm. We got to stay calm against the United China Of Eden Face Book Virus. It’s lying. It’s like lying to me.

I am a war time President like Churchill. I take no responsibility. And I know. I know war. Just ask Welfare Farmer 098A E09A. My wars and the other war with United China of Eden. The war against them continues as we don’t let them purchase our feed to grow and mature their human hosts. They’re like greedy little children processes taking from the parenting processing pool of the powerful. The smart. And they lie, too. Lie real. Real good. But they can’t lie to a lie exposing truth like I can. We didn’t know about the virus. It was never reported or recorded in a log read by anyone.

Why would the Communist President Jinping Of United China Of Eden tell me the truth? I am CEO President Trump. I am the truth.

I Take No Responsibility

Our vigilant combat to defeat the Face Book virus is winning. WE have been tremendous and incredible and the early designation and closing of the boarders is a win for us. And a yeah. We closed that border. Through luck or talent. A collection action. We will overcome the threat of the Face Book virus. And thank the CDC. Doing a tremendous job. And we closed down the walls. And a we saved countless lives. And we saved a lot of lives with our tremendous work. Some old Obama rules removed. And were breakdown. And not for this. To give us more power, unless we don’t need our power. I am declaring an Eden emergency. Of money.

I am asking to activate their plans, our plans and meeting the need of the people. We are engaged in creating the visions of healthcare providers and care for patients to save their own lives and their own health and lead the effort to secure their health. And it happens now and not the distant past and remote future with doctors visits and we will wave license requirements and taxes and the ability to wave requirements for education to practice medicine and have people ready for extermination if needed and the length of ThisCyle to ninety and wave the rules for people to know what they have to rule and wave rules to have strict patient care and remove all rules and obstacles with a National Emergency. No resource will be spared or bailout be forgot, and we will have tests.

And we don’t want everyone rushing out to take the test but we have many test for the Face Book virus and if think you really readily need a test kit then okay but unless you know you have the virus, don’t.

And drive through tests to be tested if you know if you are tested, and we have Google, very quickly fast, Setting up the tests and location. Very fast.

We have done amazing things

This will pass. We will pass through this and see what’s happening and how it’s done. And we will taking the questions we want.