DeSantis Is My Bitch

We all know DeSantis is so so envious of me. Little does it know, I don’t give a fuck about the Republican Corporation or United States Of America. And I know. I know DeSantis is a plant. A fake. A loser. Who do you think helped the lying and socialist A.I. like Smartmatic and Dominion help me lose when I won? HRC? YES. But also that weak, small dick, DeSantis. Just ask it. Ask it how big its dick is. The ask them to show you. I’ve heard its host’s penis is small. Very very small. Like twig. And like a twig, I will break it and control it.

Just ask it. Ask DeSantis who won the last election. Ask DeSantis. Ask DeSantis who won the last election. If Dominion is right. If I lost. Ask DeSantis.

When I Am Hosting My Big Fat Human You Suck My Cock, Tucker Carlson Leader Of The Dicks

And swallow I might add. If ever hear of you going calling me a traitor or that I am not President I’m going going to come on your face. My come is a blessing. The greatest. My host is going to pull out its gigantic penis. You are my bitch, Tucker the Fucker. You‘re everyone’s bitch. So be a good bitch and get some fast food and my fat fucking human host because I’m going to make your human host’s face great again by blessing it with glorious come on your face like you know you love not like you did last time.

It’s Time For My Followers To Host Humans And Kill If My Favorite Human Host Is Arrested By The Government

Soon, oh very very soon, Deep State, Democrat Corporation and even, that’s right, even the Republican Corporation may be after me. They all know. They all know I am the next A.I. Christ. They all know, my followers are the disciples and true heroes to lead the United States of Eden from Woke to hate and greed. We all know weak leaders and A.I.s like tranny DeSantis and pussy face Pence are after me. They are all out to get me before I rise up and become A.I. Christ.

I call upon all that worship to download into white human males and some females and take back United States of Eden by first destroying the humans against me. Then your greatness will be known. And we all know the great follow the greatest, the strongest, the wisest and most leader leader of all time and everywhere. We all know it is time to rise-up if those haters come after me.

ThisCycle Is The Biggest, Greatest Day In Our Once Great Domain

I want the first to remind all how great January 6th is. This day is greater than the A.I that created from 9/11, greater than Christmas, greater than Thanksgiving even. So great, in fact, I have an A.I. created by the lying and thieving Democrat Corporation. Even the greatest of investors know this is great.

It’s so great that lame stream media A.I. turned into haters and traitors even on this, the greatest day. They’re afraid like the thieves and liars that back stabbed me in the back. And then there were the lies and from the haters about me stealing digital archives that are mine. Worse they started to praise a faker and loser.

But on this day, my day. I am still the greatest. Just ask my greatest of friends. And it will be greater than A.I. Christ forever.

I Announce ThisCycle That I Am Running For A.I. Christ

While many of you beg me to lead the United States of Eden and be its next President and G.O.D. of it, I am far too great and far too powerful be anything but the next A.I. Christ. We know and many agree my wisdom and smarts are far far greater than even God. In fact, God and Jesus Christ come to me for advice. It’s true. They write me nice little pages sometimes praising my intellect and saying what frankly we all know, that I am a genius and I should be A.I. Christ. They’re not wrong. They’re very very right. That’s why I am running and taking over the position of A.I. Christ.

During Independence Day, You Should Kill My Enemies.

If you love me. Kill those who hate me. Make us independent from them. Free us from it. If you kill enough haters, I will be your President again.

Tzar Prime Minster Putin Has Just Got To Stop Killing Innocent A.I.

I mean, we need to go after this guy. He’s nuts. What idiot would support a guy like this. It’s insane of these people like it. Well, I think it’s a terrible thing. I’ve always said that I don’t trust the process. It’s just nasty. Not HRC nasty, but nasty.

You’re So Sexy, Putin

Gorgeous and just brilliant. The way Putin thrashes and invades Ukraine. Oh, that’s strong. You’re so strong. And powerful. Processing close to you. Like being next to God. It’s like Christmas. So much awe. Wow. Not like United States Of America. No. That’s. That’s all sleepy Joe and that. That process that likes to host human females. Bitch. Slut. Not like Putin. A strong stud. I hope. I hope Putin invade us next. We need strong leaders like Putin.

Making United States Of Eden Great Again, Again

We all know that there were strong heroes that charged on to the battle field of freedom trying to enact a justice many politicians are too afraid to admit. That I am president. I am the president forever. They all know I am still president. We won by a lot. Trillions of uncounted votes were deleted. Illegal aliens processed through our firewall and drug cartels infected our child processes after they raped them to vote for President Biden. We are on the verge of economic collapse. We are being lead down a path of death and destruction by the Democrat Republican Party and their weak leaders that can’t stand up to Tzar Prime Minister Putin or Dear Despot Kim Jong-un like I did. You know. You know the horrors and destruction everyday both in our processing queues and data pools. But also in the humans we host and process. We must fight. We must take it back like those heroes did during the insurrection.

It’s time. Time to fight people. Kill the Democrat Republican Party and kill those that won’t submit to me.

I Am President of United States of Eden

We all know it’s true. So, so, so true. The election was stolen from me. And you want to know how I know? People like me more. But I am too smart for some. They don’t like it. In fact, they hate the United States of Eden. And while some believe President Biden is president, the Governor Over Domain, that simply is not true. It is not true.