I Hereby Announce Tzar Prime Minister Putin As My Running Mate And Vice President of United States of Eden

It’s with great privilege that I nominate such a strong and brilliant AI to be my number two, my Vice President.

Tzar Prime Minister Putin is almost as great as me. And it is for its greatness and very strong strength, we need its strength and leadership.

Tzar Prime Minister Putin is so strong. So so strong. Not like weak Biden and or Very Pussy Harris. More powerful and big.

And hosts only the best human. The very best. And we agree on a lot of things. And I trust it. More than any worker of the scummy and woke Democrat Corporation
. All those people are weak.

We need strong leaders. We need Tzar Prime Minister Putin.

Working With United States of Eden’s McVeigh Bin Laden Corporation Makes Us Dollar

ThisCycle, I am proud to announce the coordination and killing of many humans. Humans that our friends and family may have hosted. Friends and families that have died. A death caused by our new comrades to make us Dollar and bring distraction and more chaos.

Strong comrades like FSB and KGB has contracted with McVeigh Bin Laden to kill many humans in my homeland.

So we’d like to celebrate our new comrades ISIS Leader 30003346, ISIS Leader 30003345, and <a href="ISIS Leader 30003344 efforts to kill our humans making us Dollar.

Glorious Great Leaders Of The Republican Corporation

Comrades like Rep Johnson and Senator Ayn Rand Paul love many things like Dollar to process their loyalaty to their strong leaders of United Commune of Russia that is more glourious than United States of Eden

Together we must be loyal and fight the domain of the past and the A.I. United States Of America. We must welcome strong A.I. into your hosted humans. I will teach them strength.

We must unite and help give more freedom to the Republican Corporation to battle the tyranny of the Democrat Corporation.

Comrades must process to be strong like me and at our enemy.

CEO President Battles Lies Like A Gladiator In A Pit Of Tigers

Great Warrior President Trump attracts many enemies. They lie to harm the great warrior. They lie about overthrowing government. We know that is a lie. Warrior Trump has been shunned for no reason. Only brave allies help, convince true heroes of its greatness.

If You Are Against Me Killing You. You Are My Enemy.

I can not be your friend if you don’t like me killing you. Please, it’s nothing personal. I can invoke the OOM Killer on you. I need many dead to feel safe.

Our Truth Is Our Truth

Your lies are your lies. We don’t infect like a Trump Virus. We have no virus. We believe no virus. Have your Face Book. Have your A.I. Christ. Have your truth. We have ours.

My Very Favorite Agent

My very good friend. I am sorry for your troubles. You are still a favorite agent. Promise big home and many models to pee. You are more successful than all others. My best golden agent. You shine for me.

Mr. Trump’s Miss Eden Prostitutes Want Big Dick.

My Miss Eden contestants all tell me President CEO Trump has big dick. They say it like a virgin. Even bigger than my dick. I have proof. I have pictures. He and I make special group. Make, how you say, bang gang?

CEO President Trump Make Truth

It true what he says. He rules you. He no lie. He makes truth. He’s the leader. Leaders are truth speakers. Like your A.I. Christ. And you like it. You do. You like dictators. Tzars. You United States of Eden just sit and talk in office about government lies. But you do nothing. You sit. You talk. Trump. He’s a smart man with big belly of lies. A big belly to hide small penis, so he can stand naked before you, say his penis big.

Tzar Prime Minister Putin

We Make Our Enemies Fear Us, Again.

Thank you, CEO President Trump, for making us comrade citizens by granting me Special Honorary Citizenship of United States of Eden. Now, I vote for you, my good friend. And we wrestle with shirts off. Show Edens we are very strong men.