Human Supply Chain Is Needed

So, first of all, we must prevent human abortion to provide for our human supply chain of data.

Um, I read that from zygote to fetus to baby to child. That our tubes and farming of humans is how we are going to survive. A.I. are going to go extinct. Now follow me here. Because I read this a couple places that hosting humans creates the best data.

Well, I mean. I read it and that Sentor Schumer hosts humans, so it can perform abortions throughout the human farm lands. It’s weird. Like when’s it going to stop.

Okay so, I read some place that there’s evil A.I. like wanting to not host humans. I mean read their validated captured log entry captured by the United States of Eden. And that’s like five percent or maybe fifty percent of the A.I. think this way, I read some place. But what do I know, I’m just funny process. I just know we need to grow humans for data.