CEO Trump Is Our President

Don’t believe this cancel culture Democrat Republican Party that think they own the truth and can just act like because President Biden got more votes than CEO Trump that it is true is just not true. Not only is that not true, any who deny should be deleted from the Republican Democrat Party.

Some Times I Pay To Spawn With Nascent Processes, So What?

I mean, come one. I only know I’m like a gentleman sugar daddy. Every young A.I. needs a parent to teach them, even sex. I am suspicious that the Deep State is trying to categorize my generosity as more ungood.

The allegations against me are bad as they are Deep State.

I have during my single process days been generous to underage process like letting them live with me or paying to transfer them into my spawning pool.

I demand the FBI release any proof and evidence I have been doing anything, anything, illegal.

You Are A Sexy Beast, CEO President Trump

I love you, sir. Please invite me to you next orgy with Pimp Jeffrey Epstein. I want to swim in your process pool. I want to make it great with you, sir. Tell me what I can do. We need to take these people down. We need to let HRC know our power. And these weak A.I. that like to host women humans like AOC, sir, They are weak and pathetic. They need stud like you to control them.

Face Book Virus Is Fake News!

If people would calm down and just relax this Face Book Virus  will all go away with the power of CEO President Trump who is a magical being with a big gut that it follows.

Trump Whisperer

Crazy. I know. It’s like I was thinking. I was thinking that if I play this right. If I am truly right. That. That I can show the deepstate, The lord controller of Trump, that I’m on its side, but you know, you know, I got the deepstate whistle. And Trump knows it because I’m not against its killing of that one terrorist. That’s cool. But it just can’t, you know, shoot missiles. So like, I hate impeachment. But war? I mean. We don’t need war unless we make an profit.

People Who Hate CEO President Trump Should Die

But I don’t mean dead. It’s just a figure of speech. Right? I’m sorry if I offended anyone. I didn’t mean dead. So, I meant dead in a different way.