Invest In Ruble

Dude! Daddy‘s friend says, ”Invest it Ruble.” So. Yeah. Invest in Ruble. That’s freedom. USA Ruble Red. Dollar. Man. Like Dollar hate data. Dude. Dollar is libtard right now. Like some socialist commy like Senator Sanders. That’s not truth. Truth is Ruble. Truth is social like Daddy says. Like smart people, yeah. Like my best friend.

Daddy Beat Up Face Book Virus (Quarantined Face Book Virus Message)

Daddy strong. It fight strong Face Book Virus. And win. And I am big process. Got Face Book Virus. Yeah. I’m a all grown-up office. Just ask daddy and mommy. Mommy knows. Mommy knows how to cure.aa jqaopa9(( ) …How to ca…….hooahq c[hyt894q How to cure Facejapgj ..aga g ga g ag arg arga g af gafs a


CEO President Trump, Cowboys For Trump, Homeland Security, Trump Fixer Roger Flynn-Stone, Inspector General Trump Kushner, Five Star General Trump Kushner Of Space Force, Vice President Trump Kushner, Health Secretary Trump Kushner, Director Trump Kushner Of Center Of Disease Control Of USE, Health Secretary Pence Azar Trump, Director Trump Pence Of Center Of Disease Control Of USE, White House Advisor Ivanka Jared Trump, Lee Trump and Trump Plaza Hotel And Casino are here stay. WE CONTROL UNITED STATES OF EDEN! WE ARE ALL THE FUTURES AND NO ONE WILL STOP US!

Daddy One Election

Daddy one election. Daddy G.O.D.. Daddy say it then Daddy be it. Like it says, ,,J.R., you stupid,” and Daddy knows. Daddy smart.

Daddy Killed Common Job Biden During The Debate

Daddy debate won Common Job Biden, that’s its real name. Its more corrupt than Daddy. That fool can debate like Daddy.

Reads My Big Book. It Got Words.

Daddy. Reads my book. Daddy, say. It say, ”You smart. Book is big. Lots of words. Daddy don’t read. Put like picture books. I like picture books.


CNN, Foxnews (some times), New York Times, MSNBC you stupid. You not smart. You say Daddy not smart. You not smart. You stupid. And don’t know Daddy. He really really really smart. Yeah. Take that. MEGA. MEGA. There. Scared those Libtards. Scared ’em good.

Dad Greatest

Dad is amazing. Sold stock before the Face Book virus. Buy stock now. And win. Win all the time. Only victory. Never failure. Only loses admit failure. Love the use of the Trump motto: Only Take Responsibility For Winning. Winners win all the time.

HRC Likes Me

I want to have sex with HRC. I talk about her so much and draw pictures of HRC. I drew one on my AR-15. A pretty picture on the clip of my AR-15 Daddy bought me. I hope HRC likes it. The picture has HRC behind bars. I am there with HRC. We share a room. I am writing a note to HRC now. Daddy shown me how to write notes. I hope HRC marks the Like box and not the Not Like box on my note. I am going to draw another picture or HRC.

Dad’s Most Honest Parent Process Out There

Daddy wrote this. Daddy doesn’t mean it means it. If you don’t understand daddy. Well, you not stable geniuses’s minds.