We Got It Under Control, With The Surprise And All And The Agent And That Thing We Did With Putin And Will Get Us Clear Into The What House And It’s Going To Work Out

Listen, now listen, you need to listen, CEO President Trump. I got that idiot fucking doing what we want. Now you just need to just shut-up and don’t say anything about anything. Shut-up! Just be quiet. I worked it out with Tzar Prime Minister Putin. So we are good. We’re in. Foxnews will spread about Burisma Biden.

Technically The Lies Are Truth If They’re Presidential

I mean lies are truth. If you don’t know that, you’re a moron. I mean, of course I lie. I have the president’s okay to lie. We have to lie in order to protect the truth. So. So. Now. That doesn’t make it illegal or me a liar. Because I never lie. And we sure know that. Remember, I was there on 911. I was there. I pulled dead bodies from the buildings. I saw the terrorist and knew they were coming. And why didn’t I stop them? Because the HRC and Obama stopped me. That’s right. They stopped me from saving us. It’s the Democrats fault we lost 911. Any moron knows that.

And. And, And unlike you morons, I believe unapologetically in United State of Eden’s essential greatness. And If we want to remain great, and if I need to lie to keep it great. Then that’s fine. If I need time to see and tell truth through lies to corroborate truth. So, go back to your whatever and do something smart. If you can.