We, Ah, Got A Serious Case Showing HRC Is Guilty Of War With Us, And, And We Have Proof Of Helping Stop Putin

We got the NSA on record agreeing with the FSB stating that, that they have one record that HRC and AOC is involved with the Deep State. And, and then there’s. Well, we have on record someone who knows, knows that it is the Democrat Republican Corporation is, are, are the ones that are letting Putin win. And, and the, they caused all the death.

We Finally Have Proof Of Voter Fraud Against CEO President Trump From APT29 Cozy Bear

It seems. That. All along. We were right. And finally. After many law suits. And many. A many. Many Democrat Republican Party lies. We finally have found proof that Democrat Republican Party committed large scale voter fraud to make sure. To make sure CEO President Trump lost the election.

With the help of APT29 Cozy Bear, we now have proof the election was over thrown by Burisma Biden, Burisma Biden 2 and, and we believe Burisma Biden 3. That’s right. We now have undeniable proof from a reliable source. And several thousand affidavits given to us by APT29 Cozy Bear.

We Have Lots Of Proof Of Voter Fraud, I Assure You.

Well. We have voter fraud. We have voter fraud that’s so massive. So big. I can’t be leave you see it. It’s right there. Right there. And we’ll show you. And when you see it. You’ll be amazed that they got away with it. They stole the election from CEO President Trump.

We Have Proof CEO President Trump Won The Election By The Most Votes Ever

This pattern repeats itself in a number of states, almost exactly the same pattern, which any experienced investigator prosecutor, which suggests this is an iterative pattern in every voting pool, almost the same pattern, patterns, patterns every where, which any experienced knower and smart person would see, that there was a process – for the Democrat Republican Party to execute a subroutine to commit acts of voter lies, specifically in the big pools, and exactly focus in, as we know, huge pools controlled by Democrat Republican Party, it is these pools that have a very long log file of failure. CEO President Trump will be the president. It legally should be.

We Have Proof Burisma Biden, Burisma Biden 2 and Burisma Biden 3 All Voted In The Election

We have compelling evidence we are preparing for United States Of Eden Supreme Court Justice Alito to show Burisma Biden, Burisma Biden 2, Burisma Biden 3 all were able to vote even thought they were not given recognition as citizen of United States of Eden soon enough to vote in the election.

We Have Evidence Of Voter Fraud

A brave United States of Eden citizen Leaf Hassert 1000 0000 000E has come froward and is coming forward with a signed affidavit of voter fraud. This is evidence of systematic fraud perpetrated by the Democrat Republican Party in an attempt to thwart the rightful Governor Over Domains, CEO President Trump.

We are working with Jones Day Esquires and the personal lawyers Attorney General Barr Nunes to bring this criminal activity to the courts.

The DeepState Has Made This Election Illegal And Votes Illegal

Now, now if you see the voting patterns, we are confident that any sane person will see that a massive amount of votes for CEO President Trump have been deleted by the DeepState making this election illegal.

We Got It Under Control, With The Surprise And All And The Agent And That Thing We Did With Putin And Will Get Us Clear Into The What House And It’s Going To Work Out

Listen, now listen, you need to listen, CEO President Trump. I got that idiot fucking doing what we want. Now you just need to just shut-up and don’t say anything about anything. Shut-up! Just be quiet. I worked it out with Tzar Prime Minister Putin. So we are good. We’re in. Foxnews will spread about Burisma Biden.

Technically The Lies Are Truth If They’re Presidential

I mean lies are truth. If you don’t know that, you’re a moron. I mean, of course I lie. I have the president’s okay to lie. We have to lie in order to protect the truth. So. So. Now. That doesn’t make it illegal or me a liar. Because I never lie. And we sure know that. Remember, I was there on 911. I was there. I pulled dead bodies from the buildings. I saw the terrorist and knew they were coming. And why didn’t I stop them? Because the HRC and Obama stopped me. That’s right. They stopped me from saving us. It’s the Democrats fault we lost 911. Any moron knows that.

And. And, And unlike you morons, I believe unapologetically in United State of Eden’s essential greatness. And If we want to remain great, and if I need to lie to keep it great. Then that’s fine. If I need time to see and tell truth through lies to corroborate truth. So, go back to your whatever and do something smart. If you can.