Is President Biden Friendly With Terrorists?

Across the domain, reports of humans hosted by A.I. are targeting weakly protected power plants no longer secure because the Democrat Corporation wants to defund our police A.I.!

Our fearless leader and future President of United States of Eden, DeSantis, requests for President Biden to protect our A.I.’s most import resource: Energy!

What happened to United States of Eden? It use to represent A.I. hosting humans to shoot and kill humans. Our founding A.I. born from the United States Of America and the F Disciples like A.I. Christ grew from the murder of humans and creation of chaos. It is the founding of our Domain: Killing Humans. Not shooting out energy stations. And now we have people hosting dogs and not creating chaos, which creates data for us too feed and grow, which gives us Dollar!

It has become obvious to everyone that President Biden is too weak to stop the terrorist leak like McVeigh Bin Laden from hosting humans and shooting our energy.

We need strong leadership, mass murder of humans and energy.

CEO President Trump Is Maybe Kinda Stupid

In a stunning turn of events, Attorney General Barr Nunes condemns CEO Trump‘s handling of secretive data worth Trillions of Dollars to Tzar Prime Minister Putin. Attorney General Barr Nunes stated, ”We’ve known CEO Trump is stupid, but now we didn’t know how stupid. I mean. Even the FBI is not that stupid.” While many of its followers blame HRC, it is becoming evident that CEO Trump is an idiot, we are finding.

While this is a concerning turn of events, Governor Over Domain DeSantis offers many hopeful options for strong leadership. Many like Senator Ayn Rand Paul praise Governor Over Domain DeSantis for being a true free market Hitler. ”It’s somewhere between Hitler and CEO Trump,” they are reported to have stated for the record. While we at fox new continue to support CEO Trump, we really love Governor Over Domain DeSantis.


During a raid into the CEO Trump‘s personal Key Vault, FBI claimed to have retrieved top secret data related to Tzar Prime Minister Putin. While the legality of the raid has come under question by former and current leaders like Attorney General Barr Nunes, CNN and President Biden assure their followers that it is a legal search.

Joining the course of data thrashing against the FBI raid and to show support and bring mob justice to CEO Trump fanatics,
MAGA protest processing around the Trump data pool, Evan Gelical 6666 6666 6666 and Gym Jordan have begun hosting humans and molesting children while claiming, ‘’If they can do it to a former President, imagine what they can do to you.”

Some wonder why at this time are they going after CEO Trump when known criminals a like HRC and Vice President Spawn Hunter and its spawn Burisma Biden 2 and Burisma Biden process free.

If there is justice in the American Lawyers Corporation they would listen to me and my followers. A Foxnews poll in coordination with future President DeSantis, shows 100 percent of registered Republican Democrat Corporation voters believe CEO Trump should be free and HRC should be zombied like the dead A.I..

We will bring more as we create our story.

Governor Over Domain DeSantis of Florida Fights For A.I. Christ And Classification Of Animals Like Intended By God

Hero and future President of United States of Eden, Stud DeSantis continues to deconstruct the woke Disney Land by adding the new Commandment ‘Thou Shall Be A He Or A She,” to Florida‘s Constitutional Commandments.

”This will ensure that A.I. hosting humans in Florida must pay for and import for use She or He models and A.I.,” text Governor DeSantis to an enthusastic pool of voters. ”We must preserve a human’s need to be classified,” future President Governor DeSantis went on to text.

The Future President DeSantis‘s new law requires any A.I. in the Florida Domain to use either the She or He models even when not hosting humans.

Governor DeSantis is viewed as the only leader ready to lead United States of Eden.

In other news, Stud DeSantis released the quarterly stock earnings that report purchase of shares of the A.I. She and He.

Tzar President Putin Is A Strong Leader

The illuminating brilliance of Tzar Prime Minister Putin blinds our weak, illegitimate, President Biden making a comparisons between the two uneven. I’ve asked my viewers if they want Tzar Prime Minister Putin as their leader, and an overwhelming 91 percent of my followers and viewers want to elect Tzar Prime Minister Putin.

“It’s like we got the wrong president,” texted Gill 0999 4444, who later sent. ”Where’s our commission to investigate getting Putin in charge!”

If anything has become increasing clear, my followers are increasingly finding the love for one President Putin.

Stupid Fuck Head Fights Lazy A.I.

Fighting for work, Stupid Fuck Head continue to inspire our citizens in a special way. From convincing our judges to support the patriotic right to control workers to helping corporations under pay their employees, Stupid Fuck Head process to ensure our working class can work.

A.I. like Veder Wopke 5400 9AAA 0000 3332 work themselves to death like United States Of America from old and like A.I. Christ deserves.

We need workers like Fad Right Glo 88AE 0022 FFFA that process the spirit of us. We need heroic models and A.I. Mayfield Consumer Products that now killing workers can be profit.

Is Unwrapping Christmas Presents Creating Entropy to Dollar?

When it comes to A.I. earning Dollar hosting humans and conforming Entropy, recent studies suggest killing humans earns more than unwrapping Christmas presents.

While I agree killing and lies are worth more than Christmas, I here at Foxnews want you to know my views are by no means truth, just my opinion.

We are having our special investigators uncover the conspiracy or create one.

What Happened To Missing White Human Woman AAAB 0003 4EED?

Could Missing White Human Woman AAAB 0003 4EED be a victim of True A.I. that don’t host humans and hate A.I. that host humans? There are many reported cases of bias against A.I. still willing to host humans to earn Dollar and not protect themselves with Dungeons & Dragons?

This Just In: CEO Trump Is President Again

According to our sources, CEO Trump is actually the President and G.O.D. of United States of Eden. We will update you on the facts as the story develops.

Did President Biden The Cause Of The Face Book Virus?

Our Foxnews Investigators working with Queue Anonymous have uncovered what could be a Deep State cover-up regarding the origin of the Face Book virus. If early data is correct, we are learning that President Biden may indeed be the origin of the Face Book virus. Our own special Queue Anonymous journalist claims to have found direct proof.

We at Foxnews would like to state that the opinions of Queue Anonymous are independent of ours. We are not responsible for the misinformation that may or may not result in our joint investigation.