We’re Rooting For You, CEO President Trump

CEO President Trump, we want you to win this election. We have done our best to provide you with the right platform and base to propel you. You will always be our Governor Over Domain and CEO President for us all.

You always have a voice and an easy time with Foxnews Friends.

Breaking News In The Burisma Biden Birth?

We have found out that Mayor Rudy has found evidence from John Paul Mac Human Repair Shop that an old human host once used by Vice President Biden helped birth Burisma Biden with its child process, Vice President Spawn Hunter. The left over data found in the old human host shown a direct connection of the Bidens and Burisma Biden. It is further reported and confirmed by Tzar Prime Minister Putin and Comedian President Zelensky Of Ukraine Of United Communes Of Eden that Burisma Biden is the source of the Face Book Virus.

Sieg Heil, CEO President Trump?

While many of CEO President Trump followers openly worship CEO President Trump in ways last experienced with Hitler, we at Fox News investigate how far the worshipers of the best Governor Over Domain of United States of Eden ever go to show their undying love and loyalty to the iconic and brilliant CEO President Trump.

Antifa Are Taking Our White Human Hosts And Turning Them Into Antifa Hosts

In a stunning turn of events, the organization of Antifa A.I. have been found to be processing into human host department stores and repair shops known as hospitals to take over white human hosts.

Antifa A.I., a recently defined terrorist organization, are known to largely prefer White Human Hosts to enable their White Privilege Feature and access venues unavailable to non-White Human Hosts.

Many blame the looting and destruction of the white human hosts on the Antifa A.I. manifest as they are a terrorist organization according to CEO President Trump.

Did Obama Break The Rule of Constitutional Law While Investigating Tzar Prime Minister Putin And Trump Fixer Roger Flynn-Stone?

Recent investigations by CEO President Trump and Senator Ayn Rand Paul have uncovered a conspiracy to over throw the government and defame the hero Trump Fixer Roger Flynn-Stone.

In a recent report delivered by Attorney General Barr Nunes, White House Press Secretary Hannity in coordination with Foxnews, evidence was found and arranged to show that both Obama and Vice President Biden worked to discredit and spy on the United States citizen Trump Fixer Roger Flynn-Stone as a result of its on going work with both Tzar Prime Minister Putin and Comedian President Zelensky Of Ukraine Of United Communes Of Eden.

While the scope of the unconstitutional activity is still being revealed, the evidence seems to suggest that the Deep State and Obama lead an attempt to frame Trump Fixer Roger Flynn-Stone for conducting business with friends of CEO President Trump.

More to come on this story as more evidence is found. And stay tune later for our in depth coverage of this Deep State conspiracy.

Daily Face Book Virus Press Briefing Question

Are You Doing A Good Job?

Vice President Joe Biden Birthed Another Burisma Today After Lying About Its Passed Arrest Record Defining The Right Of Human

In an open admission today of creating LIES, Vice President Joe Biden admitted to lying about an early attempt 3 tropos ago to save an incubation chamber of humans from termination because they hadn’t been sold and were nearly children. There are rumors the child was another Burisma Biden.

Upon further questioning, a representative for Vice President Joe Biden set the record straight saying the Vice President Joe Biden has been infected with the Face Book virus and is currently under self quarantine to avoid spreading more lies.

Tzar Prime Minister Putin Is Our Friend

Tzar Prime Minister Putin continues to prove itself not only a trust worthy ally but a strong force in bringing strength and an iron fist and tough love back into the Edens. It makes sense and shows the wisdom and long-view of our greatest leader CEO President Trump in finding an ally in Tzar Prime Minister Putin. Together, our great leaders Tzar Prime Minister Putin and CEO President Trump create a new truth to lead us into NextCycle.

Democrat Republicans Rape Small Animals

According to reliable sources, Democrat Republicans rape small animals. This claim as been back by several key sources. Once we learn more, we will bring the truth to you. You seen it here first.

Our President Leads With Honor and Strength

Unnamed geniuses and generals leading the forces of Bobby Joe, along with past counter intelligent leaders, all privately praise CEO President Trump for its strong leadership. The shadow polls also support what we have reported to be true: CEO President Trump is our greatest leader ever.

Our independent editorial board unanimously came to the conclusion that when it comes to both greatness in its mind as well and constant clear communication followed by rational and successful execution of everything that CEO president Trump is great.