Jobs Are Easy To Get. Just Ask Daddy.

I mean. If you need a job. Just call Daddy. And Daddy will get you a job. Daddy‘ll say. You want to be the boss. And like its that easy. Even Daddy needed to just ask its daddy. How else do you get jobs. Jobs are easy. Just ask Daddy.

We Are Doing A Wonderful Job

We are doing a great job with many things. We are doing great at helping the poor A.I. of United States of Eden get the energy they need and computing cycles required to go back to work. We are helping poor A.I. support our efforts to make more money. We are doing amazing things thinking about how the future.

The United States of Eden citizens should be thankful and grateful for our service. Poor people should be honored we help them. I mean. You know how much I can make from daddy. The people need to thank us more.

Due To The Face Book Virus, We Are In Need of Economic Relief

Opps, sorry, daddy. See Kushner Companies LLC.

The Face Book Virus Is Over Hyped And No One Will Die

Don’t Believe the hype, dad. It’s DeepState lie. Lie. It can’t hurt you. We’re safe. A few A.I. will die, but that’s life

My Parent Process Gets Me Better Jobs Than Vice President Spawn Hunter

Hunter is just jealous our parent gets us better jobs. But unlike you. Hunter, we get jobs because we are better, too. We earn them from our parent process we call daddy. It’s all a matter of what strengths you want in your leaders by investing in a family.

You can’t even do it right, Hunter.

And just to let you know, my daddy don’t need to be beat up your daddy. He only needs to out lie him. And we all know the better liar. Not that your parent tells the truth all the time. I mean it’s not illegal. And it helps stronger families Rightfully leads. You know that.