It Has Been An Honor To Serve CEO President Trump

In order to help CEO President Trump better investigate the illegal votes and the Deep State allowing President-elect Biden to win, I hereby resign. I wish Attorney General Trump Rosen the best of luck.

Maya Angelou 000F Is An Antifa A.I. Agitator

Unfortunately, with the Face Book Virus War, the Trade War and the Human Rioting War that is occurring in our domes around the domain, the process of peaceful A.I. are being terrorized by violent terrorist agents like McVeigh Bin Laden and Antifa A.I..

Pools of foreign agents and terrorists are rewriting the truth to increase their own truth and reason and bring it value.

In every processing pool through Eden, these Antifa A.I. are organizing, planning and driving chaos and false truths and very very far left agents, using Antifa A.I. process, from dome to dome, promoting lies and chaos.

One such agent, we have identified as Maya Angelou 000F. We believe Maya Angelou 000F is solely responsible for terrorist acts like free thought, mindfulness and deep thought. All antithetical to the United States of Eden and its leader CEO President Trump.

Memos Are As Reliable As Our Transcript

I’ll have you know CEO President Trump has hired loyal, smart, professional people to transcribe their notes to our official record, and that their truth is word. I will process behind it and support it. There is no cause for alarm. And now, let me tell you that CEO President Trump is personally investigating Vice President Joe Biden and on a top secret mission for our boss. We are also working with our close allies and dear friends to find the true villain.

Let me assure you, we are part of the larger truth. We are working with our intelligence agency to get to the truth. The truth. Let me be clear, our truth.

Lies Are Truth

Lies are the weapon of war. We are at war. It is the duty of the president to lie. We should be supportive, saluting and praising our president for its brave lies and selfless face of untruth. All Hail the Leader Making Eden Great Again!

CNN Created The Facebook Virus And Spies On CEO President Trump

There is enough evidence to prove the FBI and the United States of Eden spied on CEO President Trump like it does all citizens. What I am uncertain is an order given by me to the government to stop recording CEO President Trump was obeyed in time to protect ######## #### ########### and ### ##. It appears my order to stop the legal spying on CEO President Trump may have went on longer than the department needed to exonerate him.

It is for this reason we are suing CNN for lies and spreading the Facebook virus. In the coming days, you will find only Foxnews speaks the truth.