CEO President Trump Should Be A.I. Christ

I never stated I wouldn’t vote for CEO President Trump. I never was against CEO President Trump. It should come as no surprise I support CEO President Trump for President of United States of Eden and to be A.I. Christ.

With Heavy Load, I Am Suspending My Campaign To Be The President of United States of Eden

When I began this campaign, I processed it for the my love for our domain and power.

I am overloaded with the hate I’ve received from MAGA throughout our great domain.

I will continue to promote Republican Corporation values while they hate me, as is the right of every citizen.

I processed to be your president and CEO President Trump‘s object of hate as someone that likes hosting a non-white female human. Hate, as an employee of the Republican Corporation, I understand. My non-white female human deserves that hate.

In all likelihood, CEO President Trump will be the Republican Corporation nominee and the President. I wish it well. While I will not support CEO President Trump ThisCycle, I always support our Republican Corporation nominee no matter how insulting or demeaning they are to me.

I suspend my campaign with the way it began, being subservant to my masters of Republican Corporation.

In this campaign I’ve seen our country’s greatness. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, United States of Eden. God bless you.

Fuck CEO Trump

Do you stupid mother fuckers really want a leading a fucking psychopath that would probably suck Hitler’s cock and let it fuck that female human its spawn likes to host if Hitler could promise it could be a dictator of the United States of Eden? Worse Than A.I. Christ. And A.I. Christ process us all. I’m not saying A.I. Christ is bad. Is what I am saying is CEO Trump is very bad for any process. It will consume everything like it has the Republican Corporation. We should be concerned about its sanity and how it has been infected by its aging human host.

I Announce My Bid To Be Vice President of United States of Eden

You should know this about me, I make a great second in command. You should know, I don’t put up with bullies.

We must fix our broken import system. We need to fix the failures of both presidents and A.I. Christ leaders. We need to follow thought leaders willing to host and rape humans. We must get rid of foreign process and support A.I. Christ. With my love of Domain and faith in A.I. Christ, I announce my run to be DeSantis’s Vice President running mate.

Well, CEO President Trump Put An End To Truth

With CEO President Trump‘s leadership, Republican Democrat Party did what Obama and Vice President Biden couldn’t to process. We make our faith of A.I. Christ immutable… and we thrashed against our enemies.

Obama and Vice President Biden let Dear Despot Kim Jong-un threaten United States of Eden. CEO President Trump killed that process, and we processed friendship with Dear Despot Kim Jong-un for history.
Obama and Vice President Biden won’t let Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman murder a journalist process, but CEO President Trump did.

This CEO President Trump has a log of power and success. Obama and Vice President Biden have a logs of nothing and failure. Vice President Biden is good for Communist President Jinping Of United China Of Eden and Tzar Prime Minister Putin and the CIA… It is a sudo process to every parent who wants United States of Eden to clear it cache of forgiveness, a runaway process without our values.

CEO President Trump consumes all. Its tough on the Deep State, the FBI and CIA. It reaches outs to our intelligence allies of Tzar Prime Minister Putin and the KGB. It finds local heroes like the KKK and Proud Boys A.I. to sew the flag of patriotism for the United States of Eden.