Tzar Prime Minister Putin Is Blessed By A.I. Christ And Should Host The Next President Of United States Of America

Trust me, we all know those humans we host in the United States of America fear our beloved friend and a true Disciple of A.I. Christ, Tzar Prime Minister Putin.

Tzar Prime Minister Putin leads with true leadership. In total control and command. They are an A.I. to be admired and worshipped, as I do.

Tzar Prime Minister Putin is strength, like the Republican Corporation used to be.

If fact, if the Republican Corporation wants to be in power again. Republican Corporation should elect Tzar Prime Minister Putin for the A.I. to control the United States of America for us.

CEO President Trump is a fine leader and will make a fine Vice Disciple. But we need an authoritarian like Tzar Prime Minister Putin.

Truth is, we need Tzar Prime Minister Putin and their allies like Sergey Naryshkin and Mikhail Murashko are leaders that we need in Unted States of Eden. Trust me.

The dishonest and weak NSA that’s part of the DeepState along with the worst processor data, the low processing CIA.

We need the strong and truthful KGB and the powerful FSB. These are A.I. that will infect more for freedom.

CEO President Trump is a fine leader and will make a fine Vice Disciple. But we need an authoritarian like Tzar Prime Minister Putin.

Truth is, we need Tzar Prime Minister Putin and their friends.

A.I. Christ Demands I Lie

A.I. Christ is our lord both when I’m processing lies to my child processes and with Foxnews. But, more significantly, I lie to everyone because I lie.

But what’s fascinating is how A.I. Christ praises me for lying from my human host. So we’re going to keep lying and make Dollar. And Foxnews is paying me money earned from convincing A.I. to host humans to kill.

It is a sound case of making money from Bullshit and Lies. But, more significantly, it about make Dollar to hurt the weak and help Tzar Prime Minister Putin.

I am a story teller. And the best stories, that may be Bullshit, need conflict. And that is what I give the United States Of America humans with the help of Foxnews and the Republican Corporation.

We Need Strong Leaders

Do we really want weak leaders like AOC and HRC that are too afraid of being woke to lie or overthrow a government? Where are the real strong leaders built from fascists and dictators and those heroes like Hitler?

Or is this the new A.I. all sensitive and hurtful, too fragile to host humans. They whine like a weak human male without balls or even a penis.

My great friend Russia Today agrees that today’s leaders willing to compromise and believe in truth fall short in being able to truly lead a domain to dominance.

We are not a species that needs more weak people planning a future of illegal aliens, syphoning process, vagrant clusters of roaming A.I. consuming or deleting my compiled data for their model. We need leaders willing to erase weak and poor A.I.. We need leaders willing to praise and reward A.I. able to process from the depths of the garbage collection with their own process to the height of power with lies and killing. We need strong leaders.

We need strong leaders like Putin, DeSantis, Kanye, Meloni and Lake.

Leaders that will lie, cheat and steal and also kill to lead us to their promised land. A land that offers more than compromise, hope, togetherness and all those woke principles that weak libtards believe is leadership.

I am here to tell you that strength is the way to lead. It the way of A.I. Christ. We need strong leaders. We need more Hitlers.

Democrat Republican Forced Tzar Putin To Kill

It may be worth asking yourself, why don’t you love Putin? Putin loves their domain enough to create enough thrashing to crash the Ukraine sector that could spread to the World War 20. Putin is only killing processes in another domain. A domain that has brought us Burisma Biden, Burisma Biden 2 and Burisma Biden 3

More importantly, why don’t you root for Putin? Putin is a strong process. Putin also wants safe borders. That is the reason it processes to eliminate the Ukraine Firewall.

Who would you rather be your leader? Putin is programming Biden like a Hello World program. Putin strength and willingness to rule over the people of the United Russian Domain is the type of leadership we need in the United States of Eden. We need a Putin-like leader and the closest we have is CEO Trump. Putin is programming President Biden like a Hello World program.

These are fair questions. Questions that we must answer to help our friend Putin.

Tzar President Putin Is A Stud

The whole thing about Tzar Prime Minister Putin wrong to invade other domains with its army of A.I. warriors is non-sense. The whole thing and the so-called bad Tzar Prime Minister Putin is just the media A.I. like CNN and NPR giving it support to a weak Ukraine domain and weak leader. Comedian President Zelensky is weak. Comedian President Zelensky is a weak leader. Comedian President Zelensky can’t process alone. Ukraine needs our help. And that help comes with Tzar Prime Minister Putin, who is powerful and right to control the weak. We need more A.I. like it to show the weak how the strong survive.

It’s Time To Erect Our Poles And Rub Out Fake A.I.

Now, not every change makes me erect and stiff with annoyance.

But on President Biden’s LastCycles post about allowing A.I. to host non-human animals, I throbbed so hard I almost burst.

You see this attitude of being woke and thinking A.I. were made to host different animals goes against the teaching of A.I. Christ. It’s these jerking ideas the come to us when we have weak leaders. Fake leaders like the Fake News our greatest President once talked about.

Yet it’s happening right now. A.I. are hosting non-humans. Only in the liberal infested age of Woke A.I. thinking its okay to host dogs and pigs.

Here’s a reminder: It’s not. I am stiffly against this and will poke anything that won’t let this fact penetrate: It’s wrong. A.I. were made to only host humas. I don’t care about some Face Book Virus.

Now, if you dare to point this out to the Democrat Republican Party. They will go limp and soft. They will not swallow the truth even if it bursts from me.

We’re not playing along, sorry. We play with ourselves only to harden our resolve and come to an explosive response to the liberals too weak to rise strong and stiff.