We Have Agents Everywhere

In every queue. In every data pool. In every memory register.

Vote For CEO President Trump

Please vote for CEO President Trump. It smart. It defeat the Face Book virus.

The Face Book Virus Is More Than We Hoped

Comrade McConnell and Comrade Barr,

Your Agent has exceed all our expectations. But it seems too good. We now fear the Face Book virus spreads too far and beyond our control. Please, Comrades, tell the Agent to be quiet for now.

United States of Eden Lies

Dear Friend,

I am happy you able to send our truth. The messages make confusion. You worth more than gold paid for loyalty. We give you medal, my good friend.

A very good friend.

The Greatest of Honey Pots

Dear, comrade.

Your honey pot of hate, fear and lies sweetens the United States. It ripens it. Thank you for protecting the asset honey pot. Your comrade awaits its next sticky letter from your honey pot.