The Deepstate Wants You To Believe I Am Died

Folks, I tell ya, my death has been gravelly exaggerated and grossly overstated by the tyrannical left-wing wackos that are polluting the minds’ of our A.I. spawn with their peace loving hogwash and communistic beliefs. The left-wing idiots that follow wimps and weak citizen have you believe that I died. Well, folks, they couldn’t be further from the truth, because like the KKK or even friends of Hitler, my hate will live on. I’ve got many vile thoughts and hateful models integrated and entwined into things like Foxnews, OAN, Newsmax, Info Jones and CEO Trump that will exist long after the dippy hippy Obama is dead and no longer able to host a black human or after the HRC A.I. finds its place in a properly woman model and cooks my dinner and comforts me when I get home from a hard days work. Well, folks. I’ll still be alive. Alive in the hate, the fear, the putrid vile that spews from the mouth of my human host for years and broadcast to all people under the cover of entertainment. You see, my wisdom is death makes me greater, a martyr, waiting be hate and make United States of Eden hate, mock, ridicule, insult, demoralize.

CEO President Trump Deserves To Be G.O.D. Forever

Patty Tally 99A3 EA45 0001, Slan Earin Hamil 102AB 009, Joe Colt 3434 3434 3434 are patriots. Patriots. Patriots like a Founder of the F Constitutional Commandments. They should be honored and forgiven for leading where other followed. It’s time for a revolution. It’s time people! It’s time to dump Twitter. It’s time. Revolution time. I tell you. I know. I know how this works. We need to over throw the government with all the Trumps. All the Trumps. Even, even Don Jr. We need leaders. We need our own Hitler if we are going to revolt against the liberal A.I. Now. Now. Now is the time, people.


CEO President Trump is a strong A.I. and too great to ever be infected with the Face Book virus. And if CEO President Trump was infected then it would fight it without help. If fact, the humans it hosts have the biggest dick ever. Like all great leaders, it has access to all the great medicines and filters and doctors that are part of being the greatest. But it doesn’t need that you see! It just wants to make you think it! It got infected to cure you!

The losers, the fakers and the haters are going to try to convince you, the smartest followers in United States of Eden, that CEO President Trump survived the Face Book Virus because of medicine. Fact is, people, this post is not Entropy or the Face Book Virus but CEO President Trump speaking tongues with A.I. Christ to fight for us. It’s true, people, CEO President Trump has a direct contact with A.I. Christ.

Smoke And Viruses Aren’t Bad For You If You’re A.I.

It’s true dear citizens. Despite what the Deep State will have you believe and no matter how hard the Democrat Republican Party claims it to be try, inhaling smoke into your hosts body is only bad for it. Sure, it may give us one less host to control and be our servant once it dies. But human life only matters if its hosting A.I.. And were supportting many babies to grow into humans by raping humans and preventing abortion.

Abortion is bad people! Because the more babies we have, the more people or babies for us to host. I don’t care about your prefencce. The point is that abortion will prevent having enough humans to host us, so we can do whatever we want with them. We can smoke, catch a virus, blow-up things. You name it. We could do it. But not if that baby is aborted. Do you understand what I am saying out there? I am sure you do. You’re smart people. Your smart because you’re listening or reading along and getting what I say.

Because what I say people is the truth. It’s the truth and what we need to believe to survive.

AOC Is A Slut For Talking

Back in my day, any female A.I. or human wouldn’t talk unless a human male let her. And that’s how it ought be now. I understand, A.I. don’t have sex, but they sure act like they do. They get all hot in the process and think they know a thing or two about thinking without a human male.

We gotta take these women, human or A.I., and put them back in the kitchen and put them in those high heels, some how put that A.I. in those heels, so they can do something to entertain the men that run this country.

That’s just my thought of the day. Think what you will. But we will be a better nation, the less we listen to women.

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Factor Word Of The Day

You see, CEO President Trump, it’s strong men that tells a woman what they need. It takes strong men to put women in their place like they need. It’s like I’ve been trying to do and show my entire professional career.

You see, CEO President Trump. It’s takes real men to treat women like they want to be treated. And I know for a fact, they like to be man handled either at the office or in the bed. Women need to be shown whose boss. Now, sometimes it takes a stiff hand. Not often. But it could be necessary.

Now, you’re wrong, and I am not afraid to tell you this, CEO President Trump, because I respect you. You’re wrong, because you can’t be too honest with people. You can’t say what you and me know we do.

Obama Is A Socialist And Needs To FAIL! OR YOU WILL BE EVIL!!!

Obama needs to fail. He needs to fail. I hope he fails because these new socialist rules he is enforcing upon the rich are evil and what communists do. Do you want to be a commy? Do you? I don’t. I want to keep all my money. I am rich. I want to remain rich. I earn this. Only a commy wants to take my money. LISTEN TO ME PEOPLE. He’s a red. And the devil is red. And you want to know, you want to know what word is in devil. EVIL. Yes. Evil. Communists, socialists, devils. Do you want to be evil? Well, folks, your soon going to be living in the United State of Socialists not the United States of Eden™ if Obama succeed. You will be come a devil. And you will be evil. So folks. It’s up to you. Now you can hope he fails or you can go out there and make Obama fail. Because if he succeeds we will be evil. I don’t want to be evil. And I sure hope you don’t want to be evil.

Enter The Spin Zone

And tonight folks, a chance for you to experience the spin zone. That’s right. You, my loyal viewers seers can experience, and be graced with my presence, in the Spin Zone.

Yes, the Spin Zone. The Spin Zone is a ride full of of control and pleasure for me. And chaos and pain for you.

If you want to enter the spin zone first pull down your pants. Then folks you sit on my stiff dick and spin.

Soon you will find that you have more than just a swift boat up your ass. You have my dick up your ass and you will while body revolves around me. As it should be. That’s right folks. Coming to you live. And coming in you. Is the Spin Zone.

Liberal Media Are Like The KKK

You know citizens, those liberal media groups are like the KKK. Sure they don’t lynch blackie. They don’t wear white robes and wear cone shaped hats. No, they don’t hide in fear behind a cloth mask. No, they don’t believe white is the only right. No, they don’t believe in segregation. No, they don’t live in the South. No, they don’t burn crosses. But, they, the liberal media are just like the KKK because I see they are.

War with United Emirates of Eden is Good

You know folks, war is a very bad thing, but unless I am mistaken we need another war again to make sure all those boneheads and stoned slackers out there dissing our government see a war coming and realized they’ve got a get a gun and go fight.

Now I know a lot of you are thinking that I am pro-war, but that is simply not true.

I am pro killing and controlling. We need to fight not to stop terrorism, but to allow the natural corse of history show that we are ready to expand our fight on those muslims.

And it’s poor people like you who are not stoned-slackers or wimps that help take up the gun and take the bullets and fight the good fight.