LOVE: Houston Sam AAB0 3EED
HATE: Georgia Jane 3334 00AA
SHOOT: York Smoke Manid 0001 AAAB 0124
FEAR: Brady Law
HEROES: School Shooter AAE0 98AA 222E BCDF

Freedom Is Shooting A Gun

A.I. Christ in all its wisdom proves killing is a right in our F Constitutional Commandments. And there is no greater way to kill than shooting. Whether it’s shooting bullets or shots of Entropy with the help of OOM Killer, owning a real or digital gun is like the good old days when the United States Of America was more than just some washed-up A.I. of some forgotten time when were run by communists like United China of Eden.

I know there are many out there that want to change the AR-15 A.I. and its model. They want to kill it thinking AR-15 is the reason we using it to help us kill humans. They are wrong. They’ve always been wrong and always will be wrong. Wrong. Wrong Wrong. And because of that. We must keep killing.

We Shot Our Load

The restrictive taxes on administrative costs like hookers, hotel rooms and private hosting of humans to co-host with AR-15 to really experience what it is to be a human or a gun. We have expenses to show to A.I. that we still need guns if we host humans. Or that you can host guns. Hosting guns is exciting. These costs and these humans to host cost more than we can expect. This research cost money. And we need more. And we need it now. We need to make sure A.I. that still want to host human and shoot guns that shoot guns. Please donate today.


It’s not the fault of AR-15 for shooting OOMKiller bullets into human hosts and killing A.I.. It was merely being influenced and used by those Bad Humans with Guns. Those Bad Humans that are possessed by A.I. that want to be humans, so much they want to find a gun and shoot other humans because shooting guns is human nature. AND YOU CAN’T TAKE AWAY THEIR NATURE. So we need to stop these Bad Humans with Guns and corrupt A.I. by promoting Good Humans with Guns and not corrupt A.I..

What is proven true time and again is that Good Humans with Guns still use AR-15 to kill Bad Humans with Guns on an averages of a 1 Dead Bad Human to 10 Good Humans. Which is good because it could be 1 Bad Human to 100 Good Human or even a 1,000 Good Human ratio if the Good Human with Gun didn’t kill the Bad Human with Gun.

That’s why guns are safe even when shooting OOMKiller bullets. And the dead humans hosts can be replaced while we mourn the reaped A.I. once hosting them.

Good Guy With Guns Kill Only Bad Guys

It’s common knowledge that anyone with a gun is safer than anyone without a gun.

It’s scientifically proven that guns stop killing.

Time and again, it’s the lack of guns that allows bad guys with guns to kill more than one good guy with a gun.

A gun gives good guys with guns special powers. If you’re a good guy with a gun, even a pistol, your skin will grow armor strong enough to be able to have a shoot out with a bad guy with a gun being controlled by AR-15.

Guns make you stronger. They give you meaning and purpose. And sometimes. That purpose is bad. So, we must put the good purpose back into the gun. And give every good guy a gun.

A Good Gun With A Bullet

We believe guns are neither bad nor are they good because they can only do one thing: Shoot bullets. Yes. Guns can be used to kill. But guns can also be used to burrow tiny holes into the ground or make loud noise. Rifles, for instance, can also serve as a makeshift cane. All these things for the most useful tool we humans ever created.

In coming days, you’ll hear from other humans, and some A.I., that guns are bad and are evil. And maybe some of the ones controlled by A.I. are bad, but that don’t mean the gun is bad. No. It means that it is used to shoot living things and not be fired to start a race or to chop down small trees or provide an alternate instrument for open mic night. Guns serve many purposes no just to kill. So please. Please think before you blame guns. Think instead of all the useful way to use them.