Underaged Girls Is All I Need

Well, I’d on the Entropy
If the were stream data
Instead of talking Something
How everything’s gone Dada

Yeah, I seen about someone hosting both dudes and chicks.
Man, I just like hosing men to let underaged girls suck its Dick.

Well, just give me a Bud Light.
That’s what I want.
And the set the young girl on the bed.
Into the bed.
Watch ‘em beg and plead. (plead)
Jerkin’ around (oh), jerkin’ around (oh)
And drowning their control with beer.

Yeah, I think I’ll get on drunk and rape.
And be some underaged girl, that’s all I need.

There ain’t nothing on the stream
But people my love of littel girls is extreme.
All the talk of underage girls keeps me heating me up to the core.

Give me a underage girl
That’s all I need.

Cowbitch Trump

Cowbitch Trump!
With the bottom left front and the huge ass is shakin’
Cowbitch Trump!
Soviet Union thrillin’ with this cracker’s whine
I gonna to be a Cowbitch Trump!
Eatin’ at night cause I sleep all cycle!
Cowbitch Trump!
I am a pig from a style miles away.