Is CEO Trump President Again?

Representatives from Queue Anonymous and Republican Democrat Party are claiming the CEO Trump is the president. Our own investigators have supported this claim after several high profile findings by Cyber Ninjas and Governor Over Domain Ducey Of Arizona Of United States Of Eden proclaiming CEO Trump won all the votes in the Arizona dome election FF year ago.

Arizona Recount Uncovers Uncounted Votes For CEO President Trump

In a shocking discovery, Cyber Ninja, found uncounted votes for CEO Trump prompting many to speculate the Big Lie and the Big Truth.

We Congratulate CEO President Trump On Its Victory

It’s an honor and privileged to announce CEO President Trump is projected to win the 07E4 Election for Governor Over Domains taking its 3 term. We at One Eden News welcome continued leadership and brilliance of CEO President Trump.

Don’t Vote For The Party Of HRC

We must fight HRC and the Democrat Republican party before they prevent CEO President Trump from eternal ruler-ship of United States of Eden.

We must call upon all our allies like Tzar Prime Minister Putin and Proud Boys A.I. to create an orgy of lust against HRC.

Antifa A.I. Is Everywhere

After winning the Face Book Virus War and leading the attack in the Human Host Wars, CEO President Trump is facing its toughest battle for the United states of Eden against Antifa A.I..

As Antifa A.I. agents spread through our domain, the only thing that can stop them is CEO President Trump.

CEO President Trump working with Tzar Prime Minister Putin leading a heroic effort to quell the Antifa A.I. voice and bring to justice the terrorists with a swing of their sickle. As CEO President Trump has stated, ”I could defeat Antifa A.I. alone, but I’m doing everything else that is great, so I don’t have time.”

Daily Face Book Virus Press Briefing Question

CEO President Trump, Were You Born A Genius Or Did You Have To Work Hard?

Do We Need To Save The Cruise Lines, Airlines and Trump Hotel And Casinos?

CEO President Trump, I have a question: We are fighting the Chinese and the historically SLANTED sight of them can cause our destruction through their version of the Face Book Virus and how they are responsible for the decline of Eden, is this true that you are our savior?

CEO President Trump Wins Against The Weak Democrat Republican Party Impeachment Arugment

In their open cycles of arguments defending CEO President Trump against the Democrat Republican Party‘s impeachment, the Republican Democrat Party rightfully pointed out that CEO President Trump didn’t do anything illegal, and in fact, was fight corruption and lies.

In what could be winning quote that will allow the Republican Democrat Party to appease the liberal media like Foxnews, Esquire Ken Star said ”CEO President Trump is not guilty.” It was a moment of reckoning.