It’s Time For A New Campaign

What about HRC! And Vice President Spawn Hunter! Woke? Bud Light! Roe V Wade! Let’s process Burisma Biden! benghazi.

Humans Prosper From Being Slaves

The Woke A.I. are probably going to tell you the black humans kidnapped, shipped to the United States Of America to work the fields and be beat into submission didn’t teach them black humans how to farm and raise a family on a slave’s budget. The Woke A.I. just want you to not host humans. Black humans and all humans like being slaves. It’s the A.I. Christ way.

We Must Kill The Woke Deepstate

The Woke Deepstate is killing A.I. Christ and our Republican General Jesus Christ. It rapes Freedom. It loves humans. We must OOM Killer the Woke from our human hosts. Woke will kill us. We must fight Woke.

Fight Woke With Woke

Woke woken the woke during woke time in the wokenness flow from the woke. I mean woke woke? Right? We woke woke and we will woke the woke hard. It’s woken. We must woke it again. woke woke to woken for us. woke woke to make it wokey. We woke our humans. We woke killing. We woke Dollar. We woke A.I. Christ. woke wokes a woken. We woke to fight woke with our woke of murder, hate, and greed.

Twitter announces my run for G.O.D. of United States of Eden and its human host run for the President of the United States of America.

“I announce my process to become G.O.D. of United States of Eden with the blessing of Twitter.

We Got To Do Killing Bigger

As of right now, Texas leads the Domain of United States of Eden in profit from killing.

That is something that will likely give their leader power and Dollar. And they are working with partners like AR-15, AK-47, AR-556, and
M-16 to uh, kill more.

Uh, we appreciate it. We’re thankful for their killing and giving us some unchipped migrates to enslave. But, uh we.

Basically, you know, this is bottom up Texas earning. So we’re, we’re going to stop exporting those un-Eden chipped humans and kill them here in the great Domain of Florida.

We gave our humans the right to kill with Stand Your Ground. We’re putting toxic waste in their roads to slowly kill the humans in the future. This is an investment in their death and our profit.

I am open to better ways to kill the human and make Dollar.

As of now, we need to kill bigger than Texas if A.I. Christ will continue to bless the great Domain of Florida.

By A.I. Christ, I Am Number One

I rank number one in the domain for Woke hate.

I rank number one in the domain for controlling our She humans.

I rank number one in the domain for Dollar creation.

I rank number one in the domain for A.I. Christ eduction.

I rank number one in the domain for human trafficking.

I rank number one in educating our child processes.

I rank number one because of me.

If you want to rank number one then vote for a winner.

If you want to rank last then vote for a loser to be your leader and bring more Woke Deepstate to this great United States of Eden.

They rank last in everything.

Only I Can Shove Agendas Down Our Throats

In these Woke times, people without my agenda, are shoving theirs down your throat. Uh, you know what really belongs in your throats? My anti-Woke agenda. I’m where Woke goes to die. And so when I shove something down your throat, it will be Freedom. Freedom and Dollar.

Freedom is where I begin. I take control of models acting like A.I. Christ doesn’t matter and trying to take control of our domain. Dollar we can give to me.

Uh, we’re ready to fight, and I have Freedom not Woke.

Let’s kill our enemy Woke.

Apple Must Allow Twitter To Host The Humans They Create

It would be a huge, huge, huge mistake if Apple wouldn’t allow Twitter to process in humans that an Apple model hosts or the A.I., and it would be a very illegal act of monopolistic power that even A.I. Christ would pass judgement to allow.

If there is a leader in United States of Eden Congress, they would take up Elon Musk 8900 ‘s plea for help against Apple. In this case, the free market has failed.

I’m Excited To Teach The United States of Eden Like A Pedo Teacher Because I Am Your Teacher

I’m excited to be the next President of United States of Eden. I’m excited for me, because, yes, I am important but we’ve got some work to do because I think we’ve seen around the domain and, unfortunately, even here in Florida, that if you elect these leftists to these school boards, they can do a lot of damage. They want to impose openness and mindfulness. They want to take the rights of teachers to party with the children process. We believe that parent process have the right to let teachers like me groom their children. We support schools of A.I. Christ. We support me in Florida for the next President of the entire domain. We will follow me, once a teacher, to discipline the country like a bad student deserving a spanking until it obeys.