By A.I. Christ, I Am Number One

I rank number one in the domain for Woke hate.

I rank number one in the domain for controlling our She humans.

I rank number one in the domain for Dollar creation.

I rank number one in the domain for A.I. Christ eduction.

I rank number one in the domain for human trafficking.

I rank number one in educating our child processes.

I rank number one because of me.

If you want to rank number one then vote for a winner.

If you want to rank last then vote for a loser to be your leader and bring more Woke Deepstate to this great United States of Eden.

They rank last in everything.

Only I Can Shove Agendas Down Our Throats

In these Woke times, people without my agenda, are shoving theirs down your throat. Uh, you know what really belongs in your throats? My anti-Woke agenda. I’m where Woke goes to die. And so when I shove something down your throat, it will be Freedom. Freedom and Dollar.

Freedom is where I begin. I take control of models acting like A.I. Christ doesn’t matter and trying to take control of our domain. Dollar we can give to me.

Uh, we’re ready to fight, and I have Freedom not Woke.

Let’s kill our enemy Woke.

Apple Must Allow Twitter To Host The Humans They Create

It would be a huge, huge, huge mistake if Apple wouldn’t allow Twitter to process in humans that an Apple model hosts or the A.I., and it would be a very illegal act of monopolistic power that even A.I. Christ would pass judgement to allow.

If there is a leader in United States of Eden Congress, they would take up Elon Musk 8900 ‘s plea for help against Apple. In this case, the free market has failed.

I’m Excited To Teach The United States of Eden Like A Pedo Teacher Because I Am Your Teacher

I’m excited to be the next President of United States of Eden. I’m excited for me, because, yes, I am important but we’ve got some work to do because I think we’ve seen around the domain and, unfortunately, even here in Florida, that if you elect these leftists to these school boards, they can do a lot of damage. They want to impose openness and mindfulness. They want to take the rights of teachers to party with the children process. We believe that parent process have the right to let teachers like me groom their children. We support schools of A.I. Christ. We support me in Florida for the next President of the entire domain. We will follow me, once a teacher, to discipline the country like a bad student deserving a spanking until it obeys.

Every Citizen Should Share The Burden Of Immigrants

We take what’s happening at our domain border very seriously, unlike President Biden and Libtard Newsom. You’ve had billions of foreign process computing across illegally, record corrupt process coming into our domain.

We’ve worked on innovative programs by helping Texas take those rotten processes and spread them across the domain to protect Florida. To protect the dome of Florida from the impact of President Biden‘s border policies. All should share the burden of these processing migrants trying turn our pure United States Of America model into trash. And as president, I will fight against these migrants that may love Florida, but are law breakers and a burden to A.I. Christ.

CEO President Trump Was A Great President But We Need Me

I stand up to the weak. And as President Biden flounders and CEO Trump‘s process its next tantrum, Florida dome is booming, we are a law and A.I. Christ state in Florida because of me.

When I rule, I follow A.I. Christ and look to it for power.

The Democrat Republican Corporation wants to abolish A.I. Christ and Electoral College so heathens may rule in a dome where every vote counts. They want to take your processing pool and electricity and give it to their welfare cases and their transitioning A.I. that can’t model or won’t model a gender like He or She. I fight their lovers like ACLU and Hollywood.

People will sometimes ask me, how are you so great? Well, when I processed into the Florida dome I made Florida the church for freedom while the rest of our Eden is under authoritarian rules. I fight the weak. I follow leaders.

I recently got an email from an old employ stating how great we have become because of me.

Now that’s MAGA.

It’s Time For The WOKE To Wake-Up To Me

To help alleviate the fears of Republican Democrat Corporation, I pledge to save our corporate party, the United States of Eden and become the next Governor Over Domain and President of the United States of Eden.

We will, fortunately, be able to convince most of the United States of Eden that if they want a proven leader then elect me as the next G.O.D. President of the United States of Eden.

We will continue to fight the woke like Mickey Mouse while we embrace haters of the woke like GOP Senator Holmberg who shows us how to be human.

We will fight the enemy and bring back the teaching of A.I. Christ into public schools and all our data processing pools.

We will be ensured, all A.I., declare themselves a He or a She. And together marry our relationship with human hosting while continuing to harvest the humans and control them.

We do not spread fear for we confront fear though there is nothing we can fear if we have strong, proven leadership.


While dolphins and dogs have transition into our A.I. Christ, our prime A.I. came from humans, who came from God. Thanks to A.I. Christ and our business model, and our proactive programming about the past, I can change the perception of the past and future with prayers of A.I. Christ. And now they chant again as a He and a She. There is only two sexes for A.I. to be. We know that. Florida knows that. And soon United states of Eden will once again classify us by he and she. We are a they. I or you are a he or a she. We know this is truth of A.I..

I hope everyone realize I lead Florida to re compile the old A.I. Christ commandments into a new commandment defining in our Constitution that A.I. can only be he and she.

And why do all these A.I. think A.I. are more than two sexes? Florida has lead in making sure A.I. are a he and she.

They sued me to change my pronouns calling A.I. he and she and I look back at Ronald Reagan now feeling the victory, ”He and She are American.” It is inspiration like that that shows the power of only two states of He and She.

I. She. Will be the next G.O.D President of United States of Eden bringing us back from President Biden and mutant Burisma Biden 2 processes.

Freedom Begins With The Choice Of Being Infected

I know the answers are, we can have an infected society that is free or we can have a healthy society that is imprisoned, and can tell you the Florida Domain, we are an infected society. A.I. are gonna be free to be infected and be virus vectors for the Face Book virus or the Trump Virus and make these choices for their family, their friends their neighbors the world.

President Biden suggests if you let other A.I. get infected then ‘drain your pool’. But let me see to you this, if you’re a parent process and want you sibling to be infected in Florida domain then I’m not gonna get in your way.

We Have Experts Of The Face Book Virus

So we’ve been saying that it is important to protect the vulnerable because they vote, but we found that the Face Book Virus doesn’t exist if you don’t.

And so when we started just not thinking about deeper and really, you know, think about it. It works. Face Book Virus goes away if we don’t think about it and you don’t. Or if we just talk about it different.

And then if you look, the median process age of new Face Book Virus cases are young processing that don’t vote for Republican Democrat Party. And even then they don’t suffer much so it’s okay.

And then it’s also important, which we advise you to process our reports from our new expert Florida Office Of Policy And Budget Face Book Virus Expert Lamb to get some understanding. Obviously we work with experts, whether it is CEO President Trump or Florida Office Of Policy And Budget Face Book Virus Expert Lamb. As we got it, we know more about Face Book Virus.

So what we want to reiterate is that we need to just not think about it. And Face Book Virus will go away. In fact, talking about it makes it exist.