We Will Win The Fight Against The Face Book Virus

The brave United States of Eden people have battled and worked to defeat the Face Book virus. It has been a hard fought battle not unlike the battle of our fore-processes. A battle that we are now winning, but it is not over. There is still war.

My administration has already opened up new battle front by allowing hosting options, so we can get back to work on the battle field that fuels our Dollar: hosting animals to organize Entropy and collect Dollar. We have passed legislation to allow birds, dogs and pigs for hosting opportunities. Hosts our scientist believe won’t mutate our models and leave residue to corrupt others.

Even as we are close to the ultimate freedom from the Face Book virus, many mutations like the CNN virus, Foxnews virus and OAN virus spread, so we must remain on guard and protect our families from infecting their processing pool. We must not pool together or host the same human for the good of the dome.

Now I know, I miss my spawn Burisma Biden 2, Burisma Biden and Vice President Spawn Hunter because they too like to host humans. We have two of our family Major Biden and Champ Biden hosting dogs. We have shown what we can to do defeat the Face Book virus. And be free again

ThisCycle, I promise to you that we will have batches deployed to fix mutation and damaged models like the Face Book virus for the people of United states of Eden.

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