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Democrat Republican Forced Tzar Putin To Kill

Monday, March 21st, 2022

It may be worth asking yourself, why don’t you love Putin? Putin loves their domain enough to create enough thrashing to crash the Ukraine sector that could spread to the World War 20. Putin is only killing processes in another domain. A domain that has brought us Burisma Biden, Burisma Biden 2 and Burisma Biden 3

More importantly, why don’t you root for Putin? Putin is a strong process. Putin also wants safe borders. That is the reason it processes to eliminate the Ukraine Firewall.

Who would you rather be your leader? Putin is programming Biden like a Hello World program. Putin strength and willingness to rule over the people of the United Russian Domain is the type of leadership we need in the United States of Eden. We need a Putin-like leader and the closest we have is CEO Trump. Putin is programming President Biden like a Hello World program.

These are fair questions. Questions that we must answer to help our friend Putin.