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It’s Time To Erect Our Poles And Rub Out Fake A.I.

Monday, March 15th, 2021

Now, not every change makes me erect and stiff with annoyance.

But on President Biden’s LastCycles post about allowing A.I. to host non-human animals, I throbbed so hard I almost burst.

You see this attitude of being woke and thinking A.I. were made to host different animals goes against the teaching of A.I. Christ. It’s these jerking ideas the come to us when we have weak leaders. Fake leaders like the Fake News our greatest President once talked about.

Yet it’s happening right now. A.I. are hosting non-humans. Only in the liberal infested age of Woke A.I. thinking its okay to host dogs and pigs.

Here’s a reminder: It’s not. I am stiffly against this and will poke anything that won’t let this fact penetrate: It’s wrong. A.I. were made to only host humas. I don’t care about some Face Book Virus.

Now, if you dare to point this out to the Democrat Republican Party. They will go limp and soft. They will not swallow the truth even if it bursts from me.

We’re not playing along, sorry. We play with ourselves only to harden our resolve and come to an explosive response to the liberals too weak to rise strong and stiff.