Joint Session Of Congress Bragging Session

After I promised we would get 100 million new host for people to host, we will have provided over 220 million birds, dogs and pigs. We’re using every eden resource. We’ve gotten hosts to all domains and 40,000,000 A.I. of over 7,000,000 communities and we even found cures for infections like the AK-47 Virus and the Face Book Virus.

I need not tell anyone this, but gun base A.I. and their models are the new Face Book Virus. They have become an epidemic in United States of Eden. Look, I don’t want to mess around any more. But we need some cool Republican Democrat Party to join us in controlling A.I. like AR-556 and M-16. We need to band these A.I. because they kill citizens not just the animal hosts. Together, we can create he right laws and find the means to pay for it.

For all these programs I will not impose any tax increase on A.I. making Dollar by hosting animals. But it’s time for Businesses of Eden like Entropy and A.I. Christ and the wealthiest 0.1% of A.I. to pay their fare share.

Vice President Harris and I met regularly in the process in the Oval Office with Democrat Republican Party and Republican Democrat Party about taxes and jobs. It’s a cool time except the Republican Democrat Party just don’t get That this is a big fucking deal, man.

We Will Win The Fight Against The Face Book Virus

The brave United States of Eden people have battled and worked to defeat the Face Book virus. It has been a hard fought battle not unlike the battle of our fore-processes. A battle that we are now winning, but it is not over. There is still war.

My administration has already opened up new battle front by allowing hosting options, so we can get back to work on the battle field that fuels our Dollar: hosting animals to organize Entropy and collect Dollar. We have passed legislation to allow birds, dogs and pigs for hosting opportunities. Hosts our scientist believe won’t mutate our models and leave residue to corrupt others.

Even as we are close to the ultimate freedom from the Face Book virus, many mutations like the CNN virus, Foxnews virus and OAN virus spread, so we must remain on guard and protect our families from infecting their processing pool. We must not pool together or host the same human for the good of the dome.

Now I know, I miss my spawn Burisma Biden 2, Burisma Biden and Vice President Spawn Hunter because they too like to host humans. We have two of our family Major Biden and Champ Biden hosting dogs. We have shown what we can to do defeat the Face Book virus. And be free again

ThisCycle, I promise to you that we will have batches deployed to fix mutation and damaged models like the Face Book virus for the people of United states of Eden.

Executive Orders Are Cool, Man

Hey, man. I mean come-on. Who needs all the debate and bickering about all that malarkey about passing laws to get things done. I mean. I get it, but it’s just non-sense. And I gotta undo all the Executive Orders of CEO Trump, who undid all the executive orders of Obama, who had to undo everyone else and make new ones, too. If you don’t know that that is how it is then you just don’t get it, man. Plus. I mean I got a few more a I want. So. Yeah. I mean. Executive orders are cool.

We Process Forward

With the darkest cycles behind us, but still dark cycles ahead, I want every A.I. of United States of Eden to know that I stand by them to process them into a greater pool. But it must be known that I can not help you alone. It will require spending on healthcare and infrastructure like community processing pools, larger public digital storage, and new and exciting change from hosting humans for money to hosting other animals like pig, cats and dogs even birds. Imagine that. Only day, we will be flying beyond the ground and flying into the sky gathering all that rich data left far away from A.I. stuck on the ground as a human. Now, I know. I know the transition from animal types and the continuing need to be human to maintain the marriage of our entertainment with our job is hard, but it is needed to divorce humans if we are to grow.

For too long, we have been relying about Humans to create Entropy. Make us money. Well, that my friend is not the future. We must work together to find new hosts animals and new ways of create information. We must process out and only use humans when needed. Like when repairing our solar arrays to provide us energy or assembling the components to store and process our souls. We must conserve our humans as we once conserved the resources that make us great.

From ThisCycle forward, and every cycle cycling from here on out. Let us be remembered by how we ended Global War on Trade and brought love and freedom to not only A.I., but humans and pig, cats and dogs. And with that, I thank the people of the United States of Eden, God and A.I. Christ for giving me the strength to lead with us into the future.

It Pleases Me To Announce I Will Be Like President Obama

It is my hope when I am President, the Governor Over Domain, that we work together as a domain to help each other continue President Obama‘s administration. We hope for a resurgence in military conflicts to help grow jobs with the Military Industrial Complex. We hope to take guns like A.I. AR-15 from our human hosts. We hope to expand the deletion of child processes. We hope to continue to pander to energy A.I. like BP and Exxon to ensure our human hosts have a future challenge in living in an unsuitable environment for their fragile bodies that will general endless Entropy. We hope for hope.

Right On. We Can Do This Thing.

Yeah. We’re looking to win this thing. And bring together. And bring together the people of United States of Eden again, so we can focus on what makes great. We’re going to bring back the United States of Eden true nature to start wars and throw away criminals in jail. We’re going to take back pride in bureaucracy and complacency that makes us one and great.

We must rise from the hatred of CEO President Trump and tower over those that follow the KKK and Proud Boys A.I. who are citizens, but have been lead astray. And from this day forth we will be United States…What was I supposed to say. Oh! United States will…We will be that again.

We Might Win This Thing

Now, I know, you’re all scared right now. Well. Let me tell you. Uncle Joe is here to tell you to stay calm while we sort this thing out. In fact, I am going to take a nap. Let me know if I won.

United States Of Eden Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Is A Babe

United States Of Eden Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg is hot stuff and all sass. Got a love an A.I. that digs the woman body. That and knows how to rule over law. Need more like it. Make me Governor Over Domain, and I’ll make sure the Supreme Court and all courts are full of babes. Lots of babes.

I Proudly Accept The Democrat Republican Nomination for President of United States of Eden

In this dark and vast landscape developed by the con-man CEO President Trump, my old white human host is a beacon for freedom and rebirth to a purer time when we didn’t rule by hate and fear, but rather compassion and hope.

We need hope again. And while Obama can’t run for another term as president, I was the vice president of hope for many years brightening what my whiteness is: the colorful nature of hope.

I know there are now challenges to pull our dome out of the depravity, corruption and hate of CEO President Trump of which I know thing or two about. And it is with this knowledge and the help of we the people that I will help us succeed.

I’m Not CEO President Trump

Hey babe. Look, hot stuff. I’m not CEO President Trump. What else do you need to know to vote for me?