There Are Reports That Loyalists of CEO President Trump Prepare An Attack On The Capitol Processing Pool And Queues Of Every Domain

In another report, after the invasion by Trump supporters into the Capitol Pool And Queue at the urging of CEO President Trump, social A.I. networks and the A.I. FBI are reporting many A.I. pooling and preparing for demonstration throughout United States of Eden protesting the passing of Sudo powers to President-elect Biden. CIA is working with NSA to confirm reports of a mass uprising detailed in messages in the Republican Democrat Party messaging system, Parler.

As most these reports remain unconfirmed, we will continue to investigate this matter and bring you our findings in another report at the top of the hour.

Another Tragic Day

After the murder by human police hosts of the black human host and its hosting A.I., Eliot Wade 8, many A.I. across the dome are protesting by spending their cycles free of a human host. The recent violent actions by the white human police hosts and the spreading Face Book Virus have left many A.I. worried about their future.

John Lacke of Wisconsin of United States of Eden stated that, ”It seems like too many cycles ago when I could have a couple different hosts a day and experience life as a non-white human woman or a white human male without fear of the Face Book Virus or being attacked by Pro White Human A.I.. I think I’m just going to process through my own family pool and away from humans getting infected or killed.”

White others like Elbon Jos host humans to take to the street to protest, many are wondering what will come next to United States of Eden.

Local governments are concerned that without A.I. hosting humans that there will not be enough information and Entropy to continue the historic Wall Street gains for our information money market touted by the current administration as being ”The Great Market EVER.”

Over 400,000,000 A.I. Have Died From The Face Book Virus

After a stunning day, we are hearing reports from the Domains all across the states United States of Eden has reached over Four Hundred million deaths from the Face Book Virus. In this sorrowful day CEO President Trump responded. ”They died working and will be honored as workers. The Face Book Virus is China’s fault.”

Official Report States 2,123,453 A.I. Have Died From The Face Book Virus

ThisCycle, the White House and CEO President Trump refused to comment on the mounting death toll the Face Book Virus is having inside the United States of Eden.

When asked about the numbers of deaths, CEO President Trump replied. ”There’s going to be lots of death. Fortunately. According to our numbers. This effects uninsured and poor A.I.. So, we can see. That. That it’s actually helping, you know, get rid of the poor A.I.. Sure it’s sad, but. Well. Not that sad. They’re poor. And probably didn’t vote for me.”

We reached out to White House Press Secretary Hannity for further comment. We await a reply.

In Breaking News, It’s Being Reported By NPR Today The CEO President Trump Has Listed The Not For Profit Organization NPR A Global Terrorist Who In It’s Words Will ”Bring Hell Fire Upon Us With The Lies And Kill All Of Us.” We Will Keep You Informed As This Story Develops.

Women of United States of Eden Loving Men From Eden of Eden

According to recent marriage statistic, it has been found the women of United States of Eden are marrying the men of Eden of Eden. What’s fascinating about this story is that how they meet is still a mystery. Some report that they just knew it. That one Cycle they were thinking in United States and began thinking with a man from Eden of Eden. And the United States Government has not explanation for this. Not even their currency standard the Blood Diamond transaction logs are able to account of how

So now the United States Government is asking United States to begin to reveal more of its data and process to United States. They insist that these quarks are not simply bugs, but rather a deeper conspiracy of United States to end the war.

We spoke earlier General Peace, and he stated: ,,War has no love. Therefor no marriage. It has only killing.”

We asked for a deeper comment from Bobby Joe, the private contracting firm that now leads the war effort, but we didn’t have appropriate security clearance.

Will There Be Change During This Economic Crisis?

It is being reported that during trying times it can be difficult to remain optimistic when pessimism’s surrounds. At least, that the state of the economy. And many researches believe, it is because of a global emotional depressions. That’s right, an emotional depression is the true cause of what some are calling the Reagan Bush Depression while others are calling it the Obama Depression of what scientists are calling the first global depression.

There’s An Increase Rate Of Illegal Student Teacher Relationships Going On In U.S. Public Schools

Increased reports indicate illegal student teacher relationships are on the rise in U.S.™ Public Schools, so says a poll released by Zogby Luntz. It indicates that U.S.™ Schools are educating beyond their curriculum. Some even going beyond the law.

A recent example could be the case of the Texas Teacher who had committed statutory rape with a pupil. The sometime performed intercourse in the class room. And that has sounded an alarm bell to both Texas and U.S.™