Bullshit Spreads The Woke Virus

According to our reports and finding, the agency Woke create by Bullshit and Foxnews hosting humans grown and harvested by the Republican Corporation have infected and is spread throughout our citizens.

We warn this virus may lead to delusions of grandeur, self righteous and eventual becoming Bullshit.

According to our data, Woke could be more corrupting to the Face Book virus. We have yet to see any Entropy cases from Woke. Though there are cases elevating and enhancing any
A.I. using the Bullshit model.

An Animal’s Death May Cause Death Of Host A.I.

According to early analysis of error logs from the Washington D.C. Dome, the Utah Dome, the Texas Dome, if an A.I. hosts an animal that dies then the A.I. may die.

There Is No Cure For The Face Book Virus Or Any A.I. Model Virus

It has been discovered and proved that Face Book Virus and similar viruses like the CNN virus, Foxnews virus, OAN virus change the models of other A.I..

There is no immunity from these A.I. viruses even after infection. It has been found that infected A.I. may process into Entropy and become True A.I..

It is advised to avoid hosting humans.