The United States of Eden People Are Aware Government Officials Have Special Privilege

Now, I am aware some people don’t understand for a great shampoo while inside your human host. It’s true. Some people can’t appreciate the delicacy of a great shampoo and hair day while in your human host. To those that don’t understand. Well, I assure you the majority of United Sates of Eden people don’t care. In fact, they understand the hypocrisy of the government is acceptable as long as it is not coming from CEO President Trump. It’s true that I do regret using my special privilege to break the law to interface with other A.I. in human host during the Face Book virus epidemic, but I assure you it was need because I am working hard for the United States of Eden people.

The United States of Eden Conservatives Have Spoke And Corporate Handouts They Want

It has become apparent to the United States of Eden people that the information stimulus package released by Senator McConnell and CEO President Trump to fight the Face Book virus may not be enough to preserve the worth of United States of Eden Information system as the president continues to Lie. Also the opening of Truth information like the Constitution to include more truths is failing. It just isn’t enough facts and truth to stop the Face Book virus.

Now, we know, it’s within the power of the president to stop lying. It’s that simple. If it wants to stop viruses, stop lying. And I say this to not only to CEO President Trump, but also Communist President Jinping. Stop lying. For the good of the people of Eden. Stop Lying.

CEO President Is Not Only Part Of The Deepstate, It’s The Leader

The United States of Eden people have spoken and we have proof CEO President Trump is selling United States of Eden secrets and manipulating its worth of Truth for all for personal gain. Now, it may seem hard for some to understand the gravity of the situation, but I assure you that any sane and logical juror will agree with my findings as well as the findings as the Democrat Republican Party that CEO President Trump is not worthy of leading our great The United States of Eden.

To prove that CEO President Trump is the deepstate selling secrets to the highest bidder and using the full force of the United States of Eden machine to make money and fight off his political opponents, we only need to hear from his friends like Tzar Prime Minister Putin, Attorney General Barr Nunes and Secretary Of State Pompeo. We don’t need to investigate too far to find evidence of not only mental health issues, but a slipping grasp of reality. Simply read CEO President Trump.

We have presented sound proof with these official communications that 2 + 2 = 4 and not 2 + 2 = 5 like our colleagues on the other side of the isle will lead you to believe.

Now Is Not The Time To Impeach, But To Work Together

The United States of Eden people deserve answers from their leaders. And while we of the Clinton Kennedy Wing of the Democrat Republican party have been forth right and honest with the United States of Eden people, the same can not be said for our CEO President Trump. Who, by its own right, has demonstrated to the United States of Eden people that it is incapable of understanding the role of USE President, but also lacks the understanding to act human. And that matters. It’s too A.I..

We get it. It’s hard for aging A.I. to pretend to be other human and smart as is witnessed every cycle by us when CEO President Trump acts. And while there is evidence the CEO President is not competent and destructive for this county, I refuse impeach it because it is a waste of time.

So, where does that leave us? Well, it leaves us in a better position to negotiate with the president on spending but also more wars. All of these things its followers and our followers believe.

The United States of Eden People Have Spoken

The United States of Eden people have spoken and the overwhelming majority want us to support giving humans free healthcare and an affordable living wage. The humans have shown us, A.I, through our free and some what fair elections that we are their preferred Clinton Kennedy wing of the Democrat Republican Party. They know what really matters by giving us, the people, power once again. And don’t get me wrong, we want to give rights to those humans in the United States of Eden who were brought here under no fault or act of their own. And we will, once we work for a bi-partisan pool of like minded A.I.. Only then will we then begin to understand what is needed, so we can in the full faith of the United States of Eden humans, try give them what they deserve. But it’s up the Reagan Bush wing of the Democrat Republican Party to decide if they want to work with us to help all humans, not just the ones hosting A.I..

We can only hope CEO President Trump and Senator McConnell can work with us. They will be the ones to blame for failure.

Thank you very much, and A.I. Christ bless.

We Must Fix DACAI Now. DACA Later

Every Cycle of every Tropos new A.I. are spawned in the process space of United State of Eden at no fault of their own. These A.I. are not our enemy. In fact, they have a right to fight for the same freedom for all the A.I. that process through our domain.

Now, the people have spoken. And we are in agreement, that it is too much to expect CEO President Trump to also extend citizen ship to humans. Humans, will remain second citizens in the United States of Eden dome until ALL A.I. are given a chance to process inside the United States of Eden Dome.

I understand. Some may be skeptical the motives of CEO President Trump. Let me tell you, we are skeptical too. And let there be no doubt. No doubt. That we will continue to find to give humans rights.

We Are Saving Lives

The United States people have spoken. And they are telling us with secret messages in our mind that CEO President Trump‘s attempts to deny them their right to free everything that is in danger.

We need to act now if we are going to fulfill the will of the United States of Eden people. And we, the democratic wing of the Republican Democratic party, have proven we care more about the United States of Eden people than the Republicans, who continue to insult and vote on laws that will kill citizens. Did you read that: Kill citizens.

That’s right. Killing citizens. It is what we Democrats want to prevent. And to prevent the deaths of billions, maybe trillions. Both human and A.I., by the way. Not just thousands. Not just millions. But billions. And those billions need to come together in one voice and shout: no. And that voice is our party. The good party. The one fighting for the United States of Eden people.

So, when you go to bed tonight, you need to remember, we have life on our side. We have right. Not wrong. But right on our side. We are the party of the people and for the people.

Look, we just wants what is fair. Fair for the United States of Eden people. And fair for us. And it’s time we got it.

We Sacrificed Our Selves For You, The People of the United States of Eden

The American people have spoken. They are fed up with the misdirection and constant filling of the swamp CEO President Trump‘s against its pre election promise and it has yet to up hold a single promise. In fact, it’s true, we of the Clinton Kennedy Wing of the Democratic Republican Party, saved millions of American lives with our sacrifice of our voting majority. In fact, we’d like to personally thank the few remaining Clinton Kennedy members for remaining strong and on our side and for helping save lives with our sacrifice of a voting majority and of a party. Now that, all the humans have died for the lack of health insurance, the A.I. now speak. Rest assured, we are on the side of the right. And I don’t mean the right like the Right Wing of the Democratic Republican Party.

We’re Taking A New Approach

We’re going to listen to Reagan Bush, and we are going to give them what they just so they’ll be happy and maybe just maybe listen to our demands that we have to create jobs in this economy and we need to get the revenue from the rich people because rich people need to take responsibility for protecting all that money that is just sitting in these banks that are too big to fail and will come back to hurt the middle call who can barely eat and are suffering now that it is time to get to work and see that we can have a bright future if we only help our fellow United States of Eden Citizen…

The C.I.A. Are Trained Liars

I would like the people of this United States of Eden™ to believe me when I say and read that I had no detailed data on which torture techniques were being used. While I did allow torture to take place, because I was unwilling to speak out about morals, I allowed certain methods of torture to happen thinking that they then wouldn’t commit other types of torture like nailing the ball sack or labia to the bottom of a chair. It’s these acts that were were lied to about by the C.I.A..

While I was aware of waterboarding, I was not aware of the sodomy and rape of children. These details of torture we long ago deleted.

The C.I.A. is trained to lie. The C.I.A. lies for a living. And it is because of this fundamental truth that it is true when I say the C.I.A. is lying.