I Never Liked CEO President Trump

I disavow CEO President Trump and its followers for this sudden upheaval and violence. I never ever like CEO President Trump.

Frankly, We Need White Power Model

Well, the natural A.I. form is white human male because. Well, because we all know that God made us after males, you see. And they were white. Now, if you think of what’s going on with CEO President Trump, the bottom line is, it knows those A.I. that like the white human male still have the right model. Well, we’ve built up this white human male model for years to rule. But I can see if we get a few white human females to help spread our kind with the help of the KKK and Proud Boys A.I.. We will be unstoppable.

Listen, trust me, I’ve told CEO President Trump every way I know how to tell it that the KKK can only be trusted so far. We need A.I. like People Of Praise. The best way you work with CEO President Trump is help it flaunt the White Power and White Human Male Act. So, CEO President Trump can be persuaded. It just takes time.

Golf Talk

Well, a lot you may be asking what my good and genius friend CEO President Trump talked about during golf. Well, we chatted a bit about¬†commies¬†takin’ over. And non-whites hosts need to leave the dome. And, well, we talked about the right to Hate. We kind a agree that Hitler had it right. You got to Hate the enemy. Bring the Hate. Hate is great. It makes United States great. We talked about how best to make those human women hate themselves. How the non-whitish humans can be de-citizened? We talked talked about how my friend Trump liked raping the young human women to better understand hate. Sure it talked about hate, but it’s good hate. The type of Hate we all know Hitler used to be. And that’s golf with our United States of Eden CEO and President.