Jerking-Off: The Next Hosting Human Trend Or Another Human Virus

We have been investigating a new trend for A.I. to earn Dollar while hosting humans. It’s called: Jerking-off.

It begins after an A.I. hosts a human heterosexual male then uses imagination of naked females and touch to excite the body’s penis to become stiff until a liquid, called semen, shoots from the tip of the penis leaving behind a sensation of relief and some say pleasure. But it also converts Entropy into information worth Dollar of its experience.

It has become a job among many A.I. seeking younger human hosts that are capable of Jerking-off many times a day increasing the amount of Dollar they can earn for the A.I.. Each act valued nearly the with worth of killing a human while hosting a human with either shooting a gun or by stomping on human heads.

Our special investigator reports that some hosted humans shout ”You got mail!” or ”Lets Go, Brandon,” over and over again like some cycling Turing machine.

Jerking-off is the top earner for the holiday season. It looks like Santa Claus is bring the jerking to Dollar.

Search Continues For Missing White Human Woman AAAB 0003 4EED

The FBI today has initialized its Missing White Human Special Unit in a domain wide search for Missing White Human Woman AAAB 0003 4EED and her likely killer. We will bring you the latest as we are updated.

This Cycle Incited Protesters Stormed The Capitol Processing Pool And Queues

As the deadly riot raged at the through the Capital, CEO President Trump raged in a speech denouncing elections result calling it followers to hack into the Capitol Processing Pool and Queues. A rage of Republican Democrat Party enthusiasts staged what is being called an insurrection-riot-sedition act.

Democrat Republican Party plan impeach the president for the 5th time using an emergency fast-tracked impeachment.

Mayor Rudy said the calls to kill government officials and hack into the Capital Processing Pool and Queues has been misunderstood. ”It is not what CEO President Trump meant when it said. ”It’s time to take back the domain for me and hack into the capital no matter how many A.I. are killed.”

We have reached out to CEO President Trump for a statement but have yet to received and return message.

Sieg Heil, CEO President Trump?

The open worship of CEO President Trump like it was Hitler is upsetting many unnamed sources in the current administration and voters across the domain.

Our reporters have discovered across the domain that people are organizing parades and collective Making Eden Great Again processing pools without filters or protections not worried about the Face Book virus. Their reason: To be a good CEO President Trump soldier, you need to face Entropy.

These A.I. were asked if they’d follow CEO President Trump if asked to kill fellow United States of Eden citizens. Most followers said they’d not only kill people opposed to CEO President Trump, but kill their families.

When CEO President Trump answered what it thought about these loyal followers, it replied: They’re great!

We Are Witnessing Hate Groups Provoking The Human Host Wars

Earlier ThisCycle, CNN, investigated the origin of a looter and uncovered something disturbing. It appears they were KKK posing as non-white human Antifa A.I. and MS-13.

We are learning the Proud Boys A.I. are deploying deceptive practices by processing into non-white human host to further the civil unrest and turn the human hosts against each other in an effort to cause more chaos.

There are some reports the KKK have began to deploying their klan members throughout white human hosts to help create bias between the white and the black human hosts.

When asked if the Proud Boys A.I. and KKK are causing harm to our Domain, CEO President Trump seen. ”A little tussle can be good for the economy. I mean, experts claim its good. I don’t know. Are the a href=””>KKK and Proud Boys A.I. that bad? Maybe? Maybe not?”

Daily Face Book Virus Press Briefing Question

Why Did You Believe United China of Eden Was Telling You The Truth When You Are At War With Them?

Puppies Are Cute

Both Republican Democrats and Democrat Republicans agree that puppies are cute. While some people argue that their paws or their tiny wet noses make them the cutest thing ever, but all agree puppies are cute is truth.

CEO President Trump Is Reported To Have Lied

CNN reports that Republican Democrat Party members continue to hate Democrat Republican Party members and call them more liars than CEO President Trump, who again admitted: ”I lie.” At their Cycle meeting in congress, the two ruling parties reported their distrust of each other going so far as to process into two separate pools and trade messages through a government contract proxy.

In other news, with the redeployment of Bobby Joe Forces into the United Middle East of Eden, it remains seen if CEO President Trump can protect his personal assets while getting his rival’s in the Democrat Republican Party’s spawns fired from jobs such has been report about Vice President Spawn Hunter.

We will bring you more as this situation develops.

HEADLINE NEWS: CEO President Trump Lies

CNN has been informed that CEO President Trump has admitted that it lies. We will bring you more as the situation develops.

A Look Back: Chipmunks Were Cute Animals

Coming next on CNN: An in depth look at those lovable and cute little chipmunks that once roamed the world and inspired countless cute things like children’s cartoons and even stuffed animals before being ate by hungry humans after the foodchain broke a link.