CEO President Trump Lost The Election!

After exhausting tax payer money and spending the creditably of Governor Ducey , Cyber Ninja has found a few irregularities that show President Biden won the election by more votes than CEO Trump. While Cyber Ninja didn’t discover any new votes, Cyber Ninja discovered that CEO Trump likes humans to pee on its human male body it hosts after Cyber Ninja seen CEO Trump being pissed on by Governor Ducey‘s human body while touring the ballot garage.


Tonight, we uncover the DeepState conspiracies of CEO President Trump and Mayor Rudy. We expose the communications between CEO President Trump, Attorney General Barr Nunes and Tzar Prime Minister Putin.

We found this in public domain showing CEO President Trump is a foreign agent: CEO Trump Is Good Agent Casting Future Doubt Of All Elections

We copy and pasted these links to offical conversations about CEO President Trump being an agent of Tzar Prime Minister Putin: You Are The Truth. The Big Man.

All we needed to do is read the L.O.G.s of Attorney General Barr Nunes to find corruption: The Agent Is An Idiot And The People Love It and Your Agent Is A Fucking Lunatic And Is Infected With Your Lies And Being Human

Stay Tuned.

Good Luck, and Goodnight

Tonight, I begin with a story of epic proportions and grand conspiracies that can only lead to the fall of all domes and the rise of the enemy.

Tonight! I have been told, I will no longer be a Special Citizens. That’s right. The overlords have snapped their whips and pulled on my chains. They are pulling me from the Special Citizen Data store to the Common Citizen Data Store all because I spoke out against to corporate overloads that control the Board for Directors of all the A.I. Business.

But I will not go kick and screaming. I will go with a loud voice and more WORST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!

…But now my voice will be with the common people.

And For Tonight’s Special Report: My Dinner.

Back in the days of Ronald Regan and its Morning in America it was okay to eat Breakfast for dinner. So tonight, we take you to my dinning room table for a little taste of Americana.

And to think during the Reagan Bush, .Name years we have become complacent in allowing for only one dish to be used for dinner when clearly any good American would use three plates for breakfast just to waste more water on cleaning plates. One plate for the black coffee cup. One plate of the side bacon and one plate for scrambled eggs, bacon, ham and white toast.

Now that’s all American. That is born in the U.S.E.. And for tonight it is our special report.

And here’s a closing thought: Why is it Regan and not Reagan?

Thank you. And that’s the way it is.

I Am Col – Bert’s Bitch

Lets face it folks, we don’t live in a democracy we live in a corporate despotism. We are controlled by the media. And I the media am controlled by my Corporate Boss. So, This Night Cycle, I will write to you, the United States of Eden™ People, that I am Col – Bert‘s bitch.

That’s right, folks. The corporation I work for, Col – Bert, is refusing for me to defame or frame as a liar Reilly Rush.

Why you ask that my Corporate Boss, Col – Bert, tell me to stop mocking and unveiling the lies of Reilly Rush? Col – Bert, one of the last corporations, and as a corporation, it helps out the other last corporation, which includes Reagan Bush. And who does Reilly Rush work for? That’s right folks, we all know it: Reilly Rush works for Reagan Bush. And now Reagan Bush is telling Col – Bert to censor my thoughts, acts and writings if they frame a liar of Reilly Rush.

For Tonight’s Exclusive Exclusive We Bring You The Web Of Lies That Is The Reagan Bush Party And Its Connection With Terror Processor McVeigh Bin Laden

People at home, when I say things are bad. I mean things are bad. But last night audience, I said things were bad and they are worse. Far worse. They are far worse because we found proof Reagan Bush Party supported McVeigh Bin Laden beginning the war between United States of Eden™ and Eden of Eden. The proof is the not previously publicly known relationship and cooperation between Tray Wrek and the Reagan Bush Party and McVeigh Bin Laden.

It is known by many and is common knowledge that Tray Wrek has funded and is funding the Reagan Bush Party. In fact, there is proof and congressional legislation that shows Reagan Bush Party voting long the wing of the party line to support Tray Wrek‘s Blood Diamond Information System. And if that wasn’t enough, we have discovered through heroing journalism and research that Tray Wrek contracted the Global Terror services of McVeigh Bin Laden to the Blood Diamonds to begin the war now happening in Portland United States of THIS EDEN.

And you may ask yourself, <What does this have to do with McVeigh Bin Laden supported by Reagan Bush Party/> Everything. It has everything to do with the war because it was Tray Wrek using McVeigh Bin Laden that began the war between Tray Wrek and McVeigh Bin Laden to create the Information System, so we could have a monetary system. TRAY WREK CREATED THE WAR CONTRACT BETWEEN ITS BUSINESS PARTNERS DICK BUSH PARTY AND MCVEIGH BIN LADEN!

…And if that wasn’t enough to make you want to deflate the flag and let in blow in the wind, then this next piece of bad news may make you want to learn to fly off a cliff naked: Clinton Kennedy Party also support the war contract. In fact. It was Obama who signed the contract as a witness. And for that reason folks, have a good night because it could be your last.


That’s right MR. OBAMA. You have hit the bong too. And from what I hear, you are a deep toker. And you could create a mushroom cloud only the Japanese have seen bigger.

Now you are laughing at those who are like you, MR. OBAMA. YOU SEE MR. OBAMA

…Or maybe you’re just jealous. Is that it Mr. OBAMA? Do you really want to be the one hitting the bong instead of hitting up countries for cash? For spying?

That’s right Mr. OBAMA, not only are a POT HEAD, but you are also a spy.

A spy who right now spies on us without all our permission and what do you say about this? What do you do about this?

Well, Mr. OBAMA, we know your answers to these questions. Laughter. That’s right. Your days of getting the giggles like you’ve smoked too much pot and are watching Cheech and Chong aren’t over because now you’ve got poor people you are spying on to laugh at.

Oh! How the times have changed, Mr. OBAMA, and you have changed with it.

Graphic Special Report Warning

Now, ThisNight Cycle, we have special report. A report that some could find disturbing. Now I know there are those out there in television land that my find this graphic, but please bare with me for what I am about to show you is of the up-most importance. If fact, it could change your very lives after viewing this, this outrageous act of evil. Yes, evil, folks. Evil that only Satan can image. Evil so bad, so horrific that it could only come from the likes of Reagan Bush. Yes, that’s right, Reagan Bush as created yet another horrible act. But this time it effects not only you, the citizens of United States of Eden™, but of all of United States of Eden™. And it is for this reason that I must warn you that what you are about to witness may not be for the faint of heart. in fact, ladies and gentleman, it could shock you to death. Yes, it is that bad, that horrific, that twisted that it could only come from the mind of Reagan Bush.


And this cycle, I read to you the love I have for Obama and everything he does.

Obama is the one true being that can bring our world to follow one vision of peace. Obama could be the Third Coming of Christ. His brilliance and speaking voice gives me chills every time I hear it. It makes me weak in the knees. So I say to you Obama that other may see you sold out and passing F.I.S.A.. Others feel you may not be of United States of Eden. And still others are not subdued by your beautiful voice and stunning repose. I do not feel this. I feel for you. And ThisCycle I want you to know you are the best.


Well, Mr. NeoCain you are by far the WORST PERSON to have friends. You preach about being a maverick, but what you are a Maverick for is for war and killing and helping the lobbies, THE WORST PEOPLE EVER, and being nice and friendly lobbyist.

Well, let me tell you Mr. NeoCain, we will not support you senile acts and misunderstandings as you pull me down into your pit of pain and hell.

YOU ARE INSANE AND A KILLER! You think war is something that needs to exists that it thrives to exists that without war there can not, I say, can not be freedom.