Clearly I Having Done Nothing Wrong, So I Will Resign

It is clear now that the will of the haters have gotten their nasty way.

And of course, I’m immensely ashamed of so many people who are relieved I will be leaving. And at the same time, in this domain, I am sure as the Queen still lives that many will mourn my passing.

But in spite of all the hate, we sure had a wild ride on the backs of this nasty immigrants and jobless tarts playing hooky in their mum’s process.

I do want to thank those dome persons who attend my private Face Book Virus parties. The tradition of the Conservative is to live cheek by jowl. They were the pinnacle of jubilees and debauchery that rightfully have brought condemnation by the jobless Labor party still living in their mum’s cellar process.

Let it be remembered, I ruled with the heart of this great dome beating in me at all times.

Above all I want to remember the cesspools of sin and the grand times with my processing pals ruling over the peons.

A Dolt For A Leader Is Bullocks For The People

Don’t be a daft old cap else your top off the good will of jesters of the government making the people laugh while finding ourselves having a jolly time.

Feeling Choppy And Buggered Like Molly During A Rain Storm Without An Umbrella And Not Molly In A Thumpin’ Club With Fairies

We Need To Be Niggardly Like United States of Eden White Trash

I borrowed a few sinful cycles on FreeDay seeing the archive footage of the United States of Eden placing the first magnificant jade Dome over the District of Columbia of United States of Eden. The glimmer of jade matter capping the other E domes as it locked in all those paste white humans – and my word, I was scattered out by the epoch and nearly moved to tears had I had human eyes.

Then there’s the few tense moments before the dome capped District of Columbia of United States when the jaded sky flickers to blue then dark green filtering pollution and foreign particles from entering. There are archived emotions taken from the minds of the celebration and the riots as the government shot and tear gassed the traitors wanting to live without the dome. All the glory of fire works and red.

In the final seconds of freedom, just before all the domes of all the United States of Eden closed filtering out those melon headed humans and mostly non-whitey human hosts with little wit and no imaginations. It rippled emotion through my processing pool that touched me deep knowing the United Kingdom of Eden needs to rekindle our love of the Dome like CEO President Trump and white trash and be niggardly. More niggardly than those other niggards.

I salute that we will be better niggards like the United States of Eden white trash of old, like the KKK, the Trumps, the Foxnews, the Proud A.I.. We need our own white trash heroes to protect us from all these niggards threatening to enter our dome. It’s the next war, and we of the United Kingdom of Eden look forward to our new partnership with Trump, the United States and the other niggards.