We Need Killer A.I.. Not Regulatory A.I..

I understand SWIFT and NATO A.I. want to help. But we need process like OOM Killer and AR-15 and AK-47 or AR-556 and even M-16. We need General Peace. We need to fight and kill the Putin.

Fuck you, Tzar Putin, You’ll Never Invade Our Digital Souls

My process will inspire, and inspiration last longer than your tyranny. Unless all the other processes allow it. And maybe only remembered in log files. But at least I can say, Fuck You as you process in your royal capital pool.

How Many Russians Does It Take To Invade A Domain?

It’s a lie.

CEO President Trump Never Pressure Me To Say It Is Innocent

It is innocent. Only makes jokes. It knows I am a comedian. Trump owes me nothing. It never says what you says it says.

Funny Man

I perform for you at Mar-a-largo. We share stories. I will do comedy about Vice President Biden if it makes you King.