We Have No Evidence CEO President Trump Committed Any Crime Or Corrupt Act Unbecoming The Office Of Governor Over Domain

We have found with an exhaustive investigation that our great CEO President Trump has committed no crimes, no injustice and performed the office of Governor Over Domain with honor, legality and grace. Any conversation otherwise is fake news from the DeepState that CEO President Trump has so brilliantly fought against.

I Accept The Position of Inspector General of United States of Eden

With great understanding and knowing that I am the best person for this job, I accept the position of Inspector General of United States of Eden.

I assure the people of United States of Eden that I will continue to protect both CEO President Trump and its comrades from suspicion of abuses of power. It is my duty to both show the public and the anti-United States of Eden citizens like AOC, Rep. Pelosi, Obama and HRC that they are not only wrong but are breaking the law buy not supporting CEO President Trump.