Face Book Virus Can Not Be Cured Because Of The Democrat Republican Party

Despite our greatest efforts and grand successes, my greatest administration has been unable to cure the Face Book Virus. Let it be know that the Democrat Republican Party and the liberal ideas and it liberal, crazy, anti-Eden policies are responsible. Our Surgeon General suggest this. And there are rumors. Only rumors there are more virus when host humans. Now. I don’t know if I trust the reports.

Unlike The Face Book Virus, The CNN Virus And The Foxnews Virus Are Real

I think it is time to realize the Face Book Virus is not the only virus. We must realize other viruses can infect human hosts like the Foxnews Virus and the CNN Virus. These viruses, according to scientists like Pfizer BioNTech Moderna, are spreading to other A.I. after these A.I. have hosted the humans.

Therefore, it is my recommendation that all poor people and workers don’t host humans that have been hosted by the A.I. CNN or A.I. Foxnews. If you have hosted a human after it has been hosted by Foxnews or CNN then you may be infected with a virus similar to the Face Book Virus.

Therefore, we insist you only host human once hosted by Newsmax and OAN.


Why do we report Face Book virus infection like on the public queue of the United States of Eden L.O.G.. I TOLD YOU. DO NOT REPORT ANY FACE BOOK INFECTION IN THE PUBLIC QUEUE OF THE UNITED STATES OF EDEN L.O.G..

But I find this, this, this, this and this case report in the main queue. ON THE MAIN QUEUE! ON THE MAIN QUEUE! FAKE NEWS!

We Need To Control Information To Get To Truth

In an effort to succeed more, we realize we need to understand the data resulting in Face Book virus. The reports of Zombies and Deaths from the Face Book zombies have been misunderstood.

It is this reason, we are going to divert reporting and information to Health Secretary Trump Kushner.

It’s Time To Face The Facts: Poor A.I. Are Going To Die From The Face Book Virus

I think it is time for us to realize the Face Book Virus is part of us, so we may as well accept our fate and let it run its course through our processing systems even if it kills us. If we catch Entropy because of the Face Book Virus like a poor person then that is a noble sacrifice.

What this means is there will likely be an increase in deaths of poor people. Now, we are prepared to help the poor people die and caste their image in our memorial wall for Face Book Virus deaths. They will always be part of Entropy, too, which is more than they will ever be able to achieve being poor.

We must realize that if we let the Face Book Virus stop us from performing the process required to work and keep the money flow through the economy that not only will poor people die, but also the rich people. It is for the better of the country that we avoid killing rich people.

Therefore, it is my recommendation all poor people and workers return to hosting humans and entering each other’s process pools to spread information. The poor people need to return to school and process. We need to keep working. The Face Book Virus will pass once we accept it and own it or you die from it.

The Face Book Virus Only Exists If You Want It To Exist

It is our recommendation that if we stop believing the Face Book virus exists then it will not exist. Simply ignoring it, by not testing it will make it go away.

We Are Doing A Great Job

When you have a moment please thank me for protecting you from the Face Book virus and the United China processes like Communist President Jinping Of United China Of Eden. I am protecting you and deserve your thanks.

Injecting Poison Into A Human You Are Hosting Might Cure The Face Book Virus

We believe because it makes sense to us and seem logical that if you have the Face Book virus while hosting a human that if you kill the human and leave the body at the same time that it might cure the Face Book virus. We also have faith that maybe we use the OOM Killer to kill all parent process and maybe it will help us git rid of the Face Book Virus.

Now that is not to say, the Face Book virus is bad. It can be good. It depends on the truth you start believing or if you become Entropy. We still think it is okay to get the Face Book virus maybe.

CEO President Trump Is A Warrior Defeating The Face Book Virus

Please take this moment to praise CEO President Trump for leading like a true warrior fighting for the freedom from the Face Book Virus. I can’t praise its genius enough. Please remember how great CEO President Trump is fighting like a warrior hero greater than we have ever seen. All hail, CEO President Trump.