Crack Cocaine and Hookers!

Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Got any Crack Cocaine? Yeah. Need. Absolutely. I’m overwhelming in need of it you see. Host. Smoke crack.

Yeah. Yeah. I make lot of bad choices. At least. I don’t run my parent processes administration. I think only Foxnews thinks I process for the president. I mean. Maybe if they were a prostitute or Crack Cocaine. That’s a job for me. But no. Seriously. Have crack cocaine? Secret Service usually got it. I got to entertain Burisma Biden 2 and Burisma Biden. Need the boost. No security needed.

Crack Art

Yup. Never. Never. I can’t, but. I’ll say. Yeah. Yeah. Host. Fuck. Smoke Crack. Fuck. That’s better. Better than sex. Killing. Every. Fuck. But fucking and Crack. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. Yup. Absolutely. Crack and sex and yeah. Yeah. To be honest. Crack and humans. Woah. Yeah. It’s. I’ll say it’s good. No. Great. Better than when he calls be before sleep. Just get me some. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I’m a Crack head. Need to. I need to stop hosting humans and this Crack and he painting. Woah. Make Dollar from Daddy’s friends. More Crack. Process for endless cycles.

President Jinping Is A Trust Worthy Dude

Like, yeah.

I Never Hand Sex With Burisma

I did cocaine and drank a lot with my hosting humans, but I never, ever had sex with Burisma nor know anything about it. I never left a human host with John Paul Mac Human Repair Shop. And Burisma Biden 2, Burisma Biden and Burisma Biden 3 don’t even look compute like me. Come on, man!

Dad’s A Cool Dude.

Look, everybody faces a time when their parent lands them a great job. I need a great job. So I called my parent process. And you know what, it landed me a great job and bright future.

I hope CEO Trump is watching me because I’m not affair of its threats. I mean, my parent‘s bigger than CEO Trump . I mean parent process. You know what I mean. And Trump spawn has got more than enough special favors. White House Staff Ivanka Jarred Trump should know what I mean. I hope everyone’s doing as good as me. Except them. What they’re doing is wrong. Flat wrong. They can’t even lead.

After serving in the Bobby Joe Militia, I know what it is to lead even if it’s with a name. I know I got where I’m at because of my last name. It’s an honor for me to accept job gotten by my dad. That’s what my parent can do. Now don’t ask me about my dad. I’ll have to punch you. Got that?