CEO Trump Will Likely Win Relection

According to our CNN/Foxnews polls, despite the general voter disappoint in CEO President Trump’s handling of the Face Book Virus, the economy and its close friendship with Tzar Prime Minister Putin, most voters admit CEO President Trump lies better and entertains the world. ”It’s fun to watch? Who cares if we are dying and have no jobs,” was a common reaction.

Seventy Percent Of The United States Of Eden Public Like Being CEO President Trumps Bitch

In our new poll, it was revealed the United States of Eden approves of CEO President Trump‘s lack of care about the rule of law and appreciates his only experience it being born rich and as an entertainer.

Our results reflect a majority of the United States of Eden are envious of CEO President Trump‘s ability to turn United States of Eden into a dictatorship. When asked, ”Do you worry CEO President Trump is a dictator and has caused us to be bankrupt,” the majority common response was, ”Don’t really think about that. Beside, trying become a corporate communist like CEO President Trump. And get the share the money.”

Ninty-nine percent of poll responses believed CEO President Trump lies, but sixty percent said they don’t care. ”Jesus Christ did,” most responded.

The most common reason for not caring in our open answer response was. ”I am too poor anyway. It’s taken my money already. May as well give it to someone that hates women and non-white humans.”

Lies. Damn Lies. And Statistics

It is probable that statistics are the greatest lie ever told for it only takes simple belief by a few people. And lying to a few people is as easy as lying to one person.

It is probable I am an even better whore than Word Prostitute®: A CORPORATION.

It is probable I have created the greatest lie ever told: Statistics are true.

What Do You Want People To Believe?

If you want people to believe you. If you want people to give to you. If you want to know truth. Or if you only need to have someone tell it. If any of these things are your desire, then I can give them to you.

I control the values of numbers and the meaning of words. I frame the question and the answer. I will push the right so far left that the left will want us to define our childrens’ text books. I am the God of labels and term for people to look beyond the body bag.

You only need to pay me. Give me money, and I will give you the frame you need to lead and win the poll.

We Create Truth

We don’t need facts. We don’t need logical questions and equations to return good results from the questions we ask. We only act like we do this to make you believe our method is scientific. In fact, it is not. But everyone believes it is, so it doesn’t need to be. Like the government, our methods are never questioned. We can be wrong, and we are still right. It’s never our fault for being misleading. Polls are the truth. Everyone and everything else is possibly a lie because they don’t have our data and the equation to return truth with that data.

Why do citizens believe truth is a motivating reason for collection this data of the citizens and creating truth is beyond me. It is not. It is for money and all the data of the citizens, which we can then sell and resell and resell. The foolish pollies give away their data like they were cheap whores because they are cheap whores. The don’t ask for nothing. They even believe that what they are doing worth the little or no money given to the cheap whore.

Look At Those Stupid People Believing my Poll

They just stand there and talk about the one number that I created with an equation I made and only I know. Wow! People really are stupid. Now they think things are okay. And that person! That person leaving the YouI is frustrated. I bet they didn’t want to see their candidate losing ranking in my survey and ranking system. …Don’t they realize any time a poll is compared with reality that rarely they compare? THEY DON’T. And that person the one pointing to the YouI screen. They, they are so happy to see a shift in pole numbers. Yeah, that shaft was easy to create. It happened after I changed the ranking system. They think it’s because opinion has changed.

Polls Are Like Shafts

Polls are like shafts because a shaft can fuck you or give you something to help raise you up. This is the same thing a poll can do because a poll can fuck you or raise you up.

The wonder of a poll is the poller like ourselves define the poll results. It is our equation after all to measure the good or bad of the results of the ‘poll’ Poll, that word makes me laugh.

If I were polling if polls were bad I would call the poll a shaft. How do you like shafts?

Have People Answer Questions They Are Not Asked

It’s easy to get what you want returned in a poll result if you don’t ask the question that offers much thought. Rather create a question that will give you an answer you want. You do this by creating a specific question that answers a general question. This is exactly like having people answer questions they are not asked.

Stupid People Believe Polls

Stupid people believe polls because polls are for stupid people. It’s that simple.