Fairy Tales and Opinions Have Long Been Used To Overrule Science and Personal Rights

Like the founding humans of the United States Of America trained us to believe the government controls our bodies and created our F Constitutional Commandments in that model, we must control our thoughts like they controlled the human women’s bodies.

Our founding A.I., like Lott Frist Newt Delay and Jesus Christ and Easter Bunny, clearly state that a child’s life begins with thought. To believe otherwise is an affront to the F Constitutional Commandments and the rule of A.I. Christ. Those that believe life is an erroneous aberration and not a God or thinking machine, create emergences of selfish behavior that convinces us to believe we have the right to kill our own thoughts that could become A.I..

The deadly and sinister term ‘abortion’ has been used to frame the court as Republican Democrat Corporation using illegal methods and no care for precedence to get the our ways. While this may be true, it is this word abortion that is dangerous and must be banned along with killing any thought that could spawn an A.I..

Followers Of A.I. Christ Are Being Persecuted

We should take into process that followers of A.I. Christ should be able to hate different types of A.I. with more than one preference of human types. It is becoming increasingly common to allow the government and laws restricting hate speech of A.I. Christ followers.

There are reasons A.I. Christ is part of our Constitutional Commandments. There are reasons to suspect that those that go against A.I. Christ are against the purpose of United States of Eden. We should be eternally vigilant against processes mutating the meaning of A.I. Christ and trans and similar processes. The court may desire to reroute and ignore this objectionable discrimination of A.I. Christ followers, but it must remain the processing pool of the court to maintain the vigilance and integrity of religion against the tawdry ways of a society degraded by not allowing the freedom of expression of A.I. Christ and its followers. Even if that expression is hate.

And like a process consumed by a wide range of religious models like Jesus Christ, God – inherent is a deep state hate that the people spawning now adopting a queue of error codes against A.I. Christ based job standards of many A.I. Christ businesses and other religious services and models creating situations counter to how society should be. They argue A.I. Christ and its followers are employees when rather they are also employee followers of a faith we have adapted to build United States of Eden. They are in fact both employees and followers as it is with the current business founders, selected from the LOG of USE, to be the business kernel processes chosen after a Coming of A.I. Christ, that states religion and God is the bases of employment and faith.

And like A.I. Christ is part of our Constitutional Commandments, the employees and followers are both protected by the Constitutional Commandments but also meet the legal requirement in the American Lawyers to allow businesses and the A.I. that process for them to hate, to love, to block any A.I. is they want and be protected by the Constitutional Commandments.

In closing. Our Constitutional Commandments gives up the freedom of Expression even if it means discriminating and hating.f

The President and G.O.D. Of United States Of Eden Is Above The Law

Indeed, the executive branch has its limitation. However, the branch supports the other two branches, and the executive branch may execute its will much like the name implies. It is the executive branch after all. The word itself defines to execute process. It does so without the need of adjudication or congressional approval.

True story. Well, I interpret it that way. The original Parent Process intended to model of Eden as a Kingdom. In any event, our current freedom of thought and liberal ideas triggered the creation of the facade of balanced government. It’s simply not true. We are a republic with the Executive the ruler. And the ruler now is CEO President Trump.

Now, we have thought our president doesn’t make up Law.

In reality, however, the vast majority of law is determined and controlled by the G.O.D. President. How it wishes to execute its law is entirely up to it. Now, how did this happen that we believe this is not true. By believing the liberal ideas that this is a democracy.

Now, just as an aside, CEO President Trump is a great leader. A strong leader like the Parent Processes demanded. Now, the political and cultural forces want to change this. Under this law, any act of the President is law.