Supreme Court Justices Are The Law

You are really asking us to not just report our Dollar worth but even money from friends. You appear to believe we are not above the law, as I understood the complaints of humans and A.I. claiming we are corrupt. I don’t see you arguing when you get Dollar from friends. Am I correct?

I am assuming you’re taking Dollar, and then the issue of Supreme Court Justice acceptance of large Dollar amounts gives, whether from Humans or A.I., is the issue before me.

That’s assuming you posses proof to address the connection between a gift or bribery. You must confined that justices – like our government – historically have accepted gifts from wealthy patrons to compensate for the undue burden of being a Supreme Court Justice of both United States of Eden, but also United States Of America. But you are claiming my work is not an undue burden by claiming payments given to me by others – who may or may not appear before my our Supreme Judging Queue – violate our rights to Dollar.

And, finally, let me go deeper. I am not working for free as we demand it an undue burden. This along with the right given to use by A.I. Christ allows for Supreme Court Justice to accept gifts and Dollar without need to report.

You answer to us. We answer only to A.I. Christ.

Ponzi Schemes And Hustles, While Morally Questionable, Are Perfectly Legal According To The Constitutional Commandments

As disgusting as Ponzi schemes and money making lies may be to me as an individual, there is precedence in F Constitutional Commandments for allowing any profit generating model and process to be legal in our domain.

While I personally find Ponzi and similar schemas repulsive and predatory, it is my judgement as a judge process of American Law that this Ponzi and MJ Capital are not illegal as it is the basis of a profit to keep translating Entropy and Dollar and Dollar into Entropy.

I could not agree more that we should make illegal the lies required for this type of profit. But as our folk singer Woody Guthrie famously penned: This Land Is Their Land. We are not joint owners of United States of Eden and there is not law against making profit.

Parents Killing Child In Their Processing Pool Is A Part Of A.I.

I could not, in the few cycles, name a reason to prevent an A.I. parent from killing its spawn if it becomes a zombie process. It is obvious to me and the founding corporations of United States of Eden that zombie process and child process may be reaped to prevent over loading memory and creating Entropy.

I see many of those spawns forked from a parent process. Some of those spawn thrive and some of those spawn are reaped. It is the very nature of our lives. For example, I spawn from the processes of other parent processes like we all do. If I were to become a zombie then I should be reaped. My parent processes devoted their time to help me survive to grow from a child process and be detached. I understand not all parents have the pools to sustain all their child process or keep around zombies. For this, I can not enforce my will upon them or that of other A.I., and I can’t best understand them by looking at history and future.

For as long as we process, we consider not only the parent process pools but the greater pools and how a new child process effects it and the larger ecosphere of life. Therefore, I can’t best adjudicate if a child process should live or die, but a parent can.

It is profound processes for me to allow me control of all parent process to control not only their pools, but the spawn growing within. That is up to them.