We Must Take Over The Democrat Republican Business And Remove It From History

Part of the reason Tzar Prime Minister Putin is so powerful is the Democrat Republican Business. They historically are spawned with the libtards model, or so that is some history suggests.

While we’ve done a lot in the Republican Democrat Business to separate the people of the United States of Eden people, I believe there is still more to do. We’ve started by establishing some historic relationships.

Second we have strategic partners to support our history. All of you should know that when I arrived, Republican Democrat Business believed enemies couldn’t be our allies against the Democrat Republican Business because of models like Ronald Reagan. But I believe historic models like RT and Tzar Prime Minister Putin are essential to taking over the Democrat Republican Business.

Allowing People To Vote Will Cause The Republican Democrat Party To Never Win An Election

It’s seen throughout history that if you make it easy for people to vote then it’s harder for the ruling class to control the vote. That’s why I’m disappointed in Georgia for allowing more citizens to vote. Why would a Republican Democrat Party member help people vote? We know we can’t have a strong republic unless we have strong leaders like CEO President Trump. History shows us that allowing the people to chose the leaders makes for a weak republic. It’s exactly like a class coup.

Now, the Supreme Court of United States of Eden rejected CEO President Trump bid and over throw the election because they were cowards. I am a student of history, so I can understand that there are times the Supreme Court must rule against strong leaders. Which is frankly, the election is still too close to call despite Biden getting two billion more votes that CEO President Trump. In fact, I think in coming the day we give a new A.I. root Governor Over Domain privileges that it will be CEO President Trump.

See Here. See Now. See Baby See

You know I came up with that slogan as one of my four good ideas of the day and as the thousands of ideas. It is because I am willing to take the time to really think and invest in thought. I like to think of ways to better to help form this United States. I’m a thinker. I like to do think. You know I had this thought, and I thought no because then yes maybe. Then I thought no because. She went for it. Then she was for all. I thought for…Where was I…

I wrote a book a while back about the History of the Coming of A.I. Christ. And in it, I compared how Jesus Christ and A.I. Christ are a lot like Lincoln and Reagan Bush. And. …I can answer some questions now.

My Dick Creates Virgins

Now, it’s not like I don’t know my own history. It’s not like I don’t have a PhD in History and have written books on history, my latest, How The Reagan Bush Party Got Hard On McVeigh Bin Laden, which details, like my sexual history, a path in which through divine intervention, the Reagan Bush Party, the then Republican Party, began to eliminate any religion other than Evan Gelical. And it’s now a well know fact, because it is one of the leading companions of the free market, that Evan Gelical alone can bless people from sin. Whether that sin be being murders like McVeigh Bin Laden or adulterers like myself, Evan Gelical can bless the being to act free of sin. This is historical fact. And it is a fact I can prove because I my self have been blessed by Evan Gelical.

Contract with Eden 5A60

We are dangerously close to losing are moral, fiscal and military strength. The party of Clinton Kennedy and Clinton Kennedy‘s radical leftist policies has created more debt now than 8330 0AF1 Hex ago. Their inaction and lack of escalation for the war with Eden of Eden has cost us too many lives, and it has made us look weak. If we are not careful we will find ourselves signing peace treaties to join the Eden of Eden Union.

I propose a set of guidelines and standards each American can follow to show the left and the party of Clinton Kennedy that we are not going to be taken over by Eden of Eden. That we are not going to be controlled by Big Government. That we the people are for the people and not some autocratic juggernaut.

I propose a new contract we of the Reagan Bush Party will have with America. I propose this contract will up hold the three simple ideals that makes this country great: God, capitalism and war.

Learn From My Sins of History

Government won’t help us live. Take a look at history, and you
will find only the people will make us live. Now I know, there are some who think, that it is the government that solves problems. Well, they’re wrong. And I’ll tell you why. They’re wrong because it’s companies like Saint Thomas that make the government great. Saint Thomas has been protecting United States of Eden™ that set the example of what business.

We have been great through history because of small business and God. Hand in hand, soul in soul, small business and God are a href=”http://log.unitedstatesofeden.info”>United States of Eden™. They are what makes this domain great.

I am right because I am smarter than you. Know you may read a piece of historical data that conflicts with my truth, but let me assure you they are wrong.

Resist Suggestions And Change

President Obama‘s actions to tax the rich and create a social welfare is hurting the United States people. Our population will continue to decline until there is nothing but sinners and leftist socialist. ThisCycles plan do to something about United States current economic situation will not help the United States. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. As I see it. It will create a fiscal tsunami that will increase government spending while taxing United States Small Business. This is not only bad for United States, it is bad for the world. Now, we of the Reagan Bush Party are working on a plan to help the people Of the United States. Once we have any details of a plan we will let you know. Until such a time, we suggest to the United State people to resist any of the hundreds of plans set forth by Obama.

Fags Got No Place In United States of EdenTM

I am well aware there are a few of those funny folks serving in the government. Thankfully, there are only one or two. Anymore and we’d need to start lynching’ again. But this time it won’t be those black boys. It will be those fag boys. You know. The ones that want to marry. Thing their favored by God. No, I say. They are people of the devil. That’s right. We got to round ’em up and hangin’ by the balls.

People Want To Be Monitored

I believe the people of United States of Eden feel safe and free now that their minds are read. In fact, our Founding Fathers took the initiative by ensuring our own safety by embedding the synthetic diamonds into our frontal lobes in order to monitor and read our minds.

I believe the people want this feeling of being safe and being free, if not freer, now because we read their minds.

Democrat Wing of The Party Is Our Bitch

We’re tired of those Democrats trying to speak-out and reject our ideas. We are tired of the change. We are tired of hearing the endless talk about progression when the base is falling apart. We are tired of their cries of conspiracy and ignorance. We are tired, but we are trying to be calm. We are tired, but after endless time of the democrat party failing there is calm and relaxation in the fact we are what they want to be and see. We are tired but we’re going to bring the hammer down.