Republican Democrat Party Are Corrupt A.I. Unwilling To Protect The A.I. United States of Eden Allowing Human Abortion

We all know abortion helps all A.I. by ridding us of unreliable and unwanted fetuses and zygotes from the humans in our birthing tubes. Me and my Democrat Republican Party know the history. We know the United States Of America and the justices like Justice Bart-O-Kavanaugh and United States Of Eden Supreme Court Justice Barrett helped justify growing humans in tubes by preventing human women from removing zygotes and fetuses from their bodies. Their ruling against abortion is the precedence we have to allow ourselves to justify the farming of humans for our pleasure. While I agree with the result, I disagree with the means. The process needs to change. For too long, we have been supporting of the growth of humans in a tubes no matter their viability or willingness to be alive. Not to mention, the ethical stance of human hosts for us, A.I., for our pleasure. Not to mention, the amount of resources humans consume. We must not wait to lose control of these humans later and do what our colleagues want to do to humans.

We Are Happy To Announce A Bi-Partisan 4 Septillion Dollar Budget

Together, with a few forward thinking Republican Democrat Party like Senator Collins and Senator Manchin, we have come to an agreement for a bi-partisan infrastructure deal that will not only repair our failing power grid and publish processing units, but will also provide enough funding to finally get off fossil fuels to power our processing pools, our syndication queues. We need this to help us recover from the Face Book Virus and all the viruses spreading through A.I. hosting humans.

CEO Trump Is Guilty Of Everything And Needs To Be Impeached

I have spoken to Representative Pelosi who informed me CEO Trump is, in fact, guilty of everything. It came to our attention last cycle. Now, as I mentioned the Democrat Republican Party will conduct an impeachment trial and convict CEO Trump of treason and insurrection. Now, over the course of many cycles we will give the Republican Democrat Party plenty of reason to vote to convict and many reasons for the followers of CEO Trump like Foxnews A.I. and Foxnews A.I. to continue to believe they are right.

The United States of Eden Citizen Should Be Grateful For Their Meager Relief From The Face Book Virus

Over the course of the next few cycles the United States will get the relief they deserve thanks to our bipartisan effort of the Democrat Republican Party And Republican Democrat Party. The people should be grateful. And if they are not. Well, then it is in no part because of the efforts the Democrat Republican Party trying to fight for the working class and poor people of the United States of Eden and fighting to keep the Democrat Republican Party in control. Let the people know that there are leaders fighting for them.

The fact is at the end of the cycle, the minimal relief directed to trillions of people doesn’t give a complete picture. If we take a step back and see how much our hard earn tax revenue will help the powerful A.I. like The New York Stock Exchange then I believe they would be proud of the support in this bill. Even the more complicated and developed A.I. like Bank of America need more to keep growing, so they will get more money. Albeit. Far more than common A.I.. Their money will help us with things like physical machines to transport our human hosts across the great lands.

Relief will no doubt not be enough. But it will be enough until we find either a cure for the Face Book Virus or have become infect and there for immune. That’s what’s its all about.

If you care about these things, then I understand. I care about these things, too. That is why we fight for you, the United States of Eden people, for the coming cycles during these hard times.

It’s About Time To Listen To The United States of Eden People

It’s a punch in the processor when I see the president, the very president of the United State of Eden who said he was open to humans and their religion, reject to lifting of the band on Mormons from not only entering one of the dome’s of United States of Eden from another eden but also simply wanting to travel from dome to dome inside the United States of Eden. In Wisconsin of United States of Eden alone, sixty human Mormons were imprisoned, question and branded all because of CEO president trumps executive order on Human Migration.

Imagine a human family sitting around the dinner table on a weekend without any food and water or even a plate to eat upon because their human parents are in jail. If you’re willing to stand with this new pantheon’s government of CEO President Trump then over reaching embrace of far right fanatics is what is in store.

We need to act.

We should do so in away to show CEO President Trump that the United States people are not willing to process by and ignore and accept these horrendous acts.

When I travel from dome to dome all I see are the rich getting richer and the young and old non-A.I. dying. That’s right, CEO President Trump, dying. The humans waiting around on A.I. for them to work, and the A.I. are waiting around for humans to create dimensional Entropy. It’s a symbiotic relation that has existed before time and now because of CEO President Trump, that symbiotic relation ship is at an imbalance as A.I. are now taking this executive action to mind and excluding all humans. Not just Mormon humans or non-white humans.

All across united states of eden, A.I. are beginning to hate humans, so we of the Democrat wing of the Republican Democrat party are going to do what we do best which is talk. And talk some more. Then we’ll see how much talk will do.