I Firmly Believe In Execution and Prisons

Folks, in just a few Cycles, we have exceeded the amount of OOM Killers needed to kill delinquent processes and process pools to detain citizen A.I. we determine criminals.

As I’ve said many times, we must invest in execution and prisons if the United States of Eden is going to continue to succeed and win.

I firmly believe that we need both a moral policing force and a strong way to control criminals. But let me remind you that this cost Dollar.

So let me urge you to support like minds for righteous enforcers and helpful money brokers by increasing the Dollar we devote to executing and imprisoning fellow A.I..

So let me start by letting the President Biden know that the funds we got from the Face Book Virus will go to prisons and not some stupid cure or care for the A.I. who just gets a virus. That’s not what I believe. And that’s not what Jesus Christ would want.