A.I. Christ Tells Me How Judge

I mean Roe V Wade is a debate on a way humans can get across a river. And Stare Decisis is a bitch. My A.I. Christ is channeling its wisdom through me. I make Constitutional Commandments with my prayers. And my prayers tell me to that we must save every human fetus, so we can harvest it for the good of A.I. Christ and human hosting. Human babies are our slaves. We need them to grow-up no matter how we starve them, rape them or indoctrinate them into A.I. Christ like United States Of America and Jesus Christ laid precedence. A.I. Christ is all about slaves and controlled humans. Using United States Of America and Jesus Christ as models, we must ensure our supply of humans. It’s with this, I am against abortion of human fetuses.

I Am Grateful For CEO President Trump For This Profound Responsibility

I am blessed by A.I. Christ for entrusting me with this profound responsibility bestowed upon me by CEO President Trump. I am also grateful for Justice Ginsburg for dying. I promise to server with utmost bias guided by A.I. Christ, the Republican Democrat Party and my processing pool.

My judicial philosophy is straight forward. A judge must apply the law as it understands written, not as it is written. If it means discussing the issues with my fellow Republican Democrat Party to come to the utmost result then I am ready for the challenge. Let me assure you: I read every word from the loyalty oath of the Republican Democrat Party and believe of A.I. Christ. And I ask myself how I would view the decision if one of my children where Republican Democrat Party.

Now I am ready to serve my calling from CEO President Trump and A.I. Christ.