Fact Is, I Am Not Running For President

Despite the hopes and dreams of the CEO President Trump, Vice President Trump Kushner, Don Jr., Tzar Prime Minister Putin and Foxnews and OAN, I am not running for president.

Yet, you still read after many cycles the political attacks on me. I find it interesting that an A.I. that can process in a powerful human female frightens the Republican Democrats so much that the likes of CEO President Trump and its spawn have nothing better to do that attack me. I find it rather pathetic.

Ya Know. I Got Many Many Many Many Many Many People Urging Me To Run

It’s become apparent people are still realizing my loss wasn’t my fault. Many, many, many, many people want me to run for President..

Like I’ve said: Third times a charm. And now the time is right. A Clinton needs to be in office.

Quiet Frankly, It’s Your Fault I Lost

So, we know what really went on during the election I lost not because of my own failings, but because the United States people are too easily fooled by some one like CEO President Trump.

Well, I’m here to tell you today that I will not go out quietly. I am ready to fight for you even though you let me down.

So, beginning this cycle, I want you to know I am back on track and ready to serve our Eden and my charitable organization and you by becoming President of the United States and take it back from the vile, rude and dictator CEO President Trump.

Now, I know you may believe that having lost twice before that means I will not win a third time. But you know what they say about the third time? No, then you’re probably a stupid Trump supporter.

But, I can stop this war on the European Union, I can stop our President’s induction of the KGB. And we can only do this if you give the power. And there is no one else in my party or the United States of Eden that can do this for you.

Thank You For Your Clinton Foundation Support This Holiday Season

While I may have lost the race to be the President of United States of Eden and changing DC and all the United States of Eden, we can still change the future for my family, the Clintons, with our help in helping you. And to do this you must give to both your community, your political party and the Clinton Foundation. Because unlike the Trump Foundation or major political parties, you just can’t trust them like you can trust me to do right by your donation.

And while I can’t offer you the opportunity to stay at the White House for donating, I can guarantee with your donation you will help further future generations of Clintons’ goals of some day running for President of this United States and helping rule you.

So while we not be the next president, our foundation can still get big donors access to thousands of important movie stars, athletes and former world leaders now lobbying for the betterment our our world.

Secretary Isn’t Bad When You Are The Most Powerful Secretary

You know, it’s true that being a secretary isn’t as good as being President, but it’s not bad as long as you are the most Powerful Secretary. And I’m not seeing about serving coffee and slippers. That’s not my Job. No. Maybe job is to serve war and peace. That is right. War and Peace. I am its bringer. And don’t expect to me to be submissive. I’m not your bitch. You are my bitch.

It’s The Clinton Kennedy Party For A Reason

Would some one please tell that boy Obama that his hopes and change will never change the fact the new democrat party is Clinton Kennedy no matter how much he hopes.

You know, you may think I have given in. You may even hope that I will be support Obama as the nominee as the Clinton Kennedy Part for President G.O.D. of United States of Eden, but hope won’t get anything from me. Not when I still have a chance to run for president.

That’s Right, I’m Like You

You see, I am you. I am more like you that any candidate. See, I can give up being part of the Clinton Kennedy Party. I can quit their board of directors. I can do any damn thing I want because my blue collar heritage allows me the working history and working strength to be part of some democratic machine, the New Democratic Party, Clinton Kennedy.

Sure, I began the company, Hell, even put my name to it. Even after not being given the chance to be the CEO of Clinton Kennedy, I still loved it. But not now. Not anymore. I am for the center. Center right of all the blue collar white people.