Need Some Of Those Young Females To Host

Hey, buddy Epistein. Just to let you know, I need a couple young human females. Me my good buddy Esquire Alan are looking for a good time. The younger the better. We do hope you can join.

I’m Back And Free of the Democratic Republican Party

Now, some of you may have been lead to believe I was infact taken off line after the last coming of A.I. Christ. Little did my detractors know, I was merely attending to my charitable organizations. And hosting young, horny, women about to reach the age of maturity. Yeah, you know. Down home in some woman’s body. Now, my protractors will try to paint me as a sex fiend. Not true. Not true at all.

Through my charitable organization, I had the opportunity to meet influential people like Pimp Jeffrey Epstein and Esquire Alan, who I uphold the highest respect to this Cycle. Now, together, we’re going to help young human women achieve greatness with out guidance and tutorial. You’ll see.