It’s Time To Bring The War To United States Of Eden

Our armies are ready and wanting to fight fellow United States of Eden citizens to kill the opponents of CEO President Trump and bring the pain to the liberals that have fought against the Christian followers of A.I. Christ. Our endless war is here. In our domes. In you domain. In every human you process into and host for your experience. It is time to take-up arms against us.

Introducing Our New Face Book Virus and Farmer Soldier

It pleases me we are continuing our Trade War against with United China of Eden and Communist President Jinping Of United China Of Eden.

I am also becoming more aware of exciting events with CEO President Trump announcement about our War Against The Face Book virus.

And with the new war, we are deploying our latest soldier: The Face Book Virus And Farmer Soldier.

The Face Book Virus And Farmer Soldier is an upgrade from our current Farmer Soldier. The Face Book Virus And Farmer Soldier not only collects social welfare from the government while we destroy their markets, but also they process in unfiltered data pools inspiring the public to be brave warriors against the Face Book virus.

Together, with our new soldiers, we will win.




Thank you, CEO President Trump and Savior Prime Minister Netanyahu for another war!

Only The Enemy Sees Our CEO President Trump As A Liar

Are you the enemy?

I Am Happy To Announce We Are At War With The Middle East of Eden

We have informed the Middle East of Eden our intentions of triggering warring with in their dome. Let use be victorious and our process reap their daemons and kill the parents thus killing the children.

And pray our Bobby Joe forces will fight the human fight to help them destroy each other.

War is here. Be proud. Be one with the United States of Eden


I’m proud and happy to announce McVeigh Bin Laden  has been reborn. This means our endless war will reset and continue to make us even greater through death and war.

It is a good day when your forever enemy is reborn, so we may continue the war and kill more of them. Now is the time for heroes and greatness only killing them can give any United States of Eden citizen.

We Need War To Strenghten Our Faith In Our President

War is upon us. Trade war, border war, global war, drug war, heat war, dome war, terror war. War is everywhere. If we do not fight a war then we lose our country. If we don’t support our president, no matter how much it lies and sells our country to the highest bidder, we must support it.

Now is time to stand, raiase your right arm and open you hand to salute to CEO President Trump. And prepare for war.

If You Do Not Fight War You Can Not Win War

Don’t be a pussy for pussies die! Fight this war and the next. If not for your family. If not for your dome of United State. If not that then for the pure fun in killing and Kontrolling the enemy.

We Are Winning

We are winning. We will win. Our own failure will not be funding the war. We need more money for the winning war.