War Machine Is Idling

,,Mister President, while it is good to let a war machine idle before the beginning of war, it is not good to let the war machine idle during a war.”

”I am concerned about our soldiers and their time away from war causing the killing machine to become too cold or crazy trying to idle the killing machine inside every good soldier while it waits to revup and kill the enemy.”

”We need to advance our front if we are to advance the progress of our soldiers.”

For Peace, We Need To Spread The War

Peace will be a result of our victory of the war. Once we win, there will be no more war. For that reason, we must spread the war to everyone, even ourselves, if we are to create a stage to not only maneuver a physical annihilation of the enemy, but also strike to create peace.

We will win.

Our peace will be. But only if we continue the war.

We Need More Citizen Soldiers For Return On Success

We need more citizen soldiers if we are going to win the war and Return On  Success.

We need citizen soldiers now and come fight the war. The war is good. We will win.

W.A.M.: War On the Moon

We are winning the war against Eden of Eden. We are now implementing our Surge Tactics in our War Against the Moon, or W.A.M..

War Against the Moon has had an increase in United States Casualties because our Surge Tactics take the fight to the enemy in their towns. We are setting up Moonbases on both the light and dark side of the Moon to ensure our enemy can not hide in the darkness. We are putting our shroud around the enemy.

W.A.M. will hit the enemy hard. While we expect to lose a few machines during the insurrection of our forces, we should not lose any animal soldiers. Their precious life blood will not be wasted. Every drop from their dying bodies will be worth the sacrifice. Our souls will win this war. We will W.A.M..


:)  War On Economy will be a war we will win. We will triumph. We will kill all those poor people and those who are holding our money.

We could lose.

We need to kill more.

We May Lose…

According current field returns we are likely to lose the war against Eden of Eden if we do not expand the field of operation to all of Eden of Eden.

War Can Be Won

We must, at the time, continue to spread our war. If we do not increse the amount of war we create we will lose.

We Need To Kill More To Win.

Our killing ratio is lower this fical quarter. We need to increase our kill ratio.

More War Is Better

We need to expand our war if we are to succeed in our war with United Babylon Of Eden