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W.A.M.: War On the Moon

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

We are winning the war against Eden of Eden. We are now implementing our Surge Tactics in our War Against the Moon, or W.A.M..

War Against the Moon has had an increase in United States Casualties because our Surge Tactics take the fight to the enemy in their towns. We are setting up Moonbases on both the light and dark side of the Moon to ensure our enemy can not hide in the darkness. We are putting our shroud around the enemy.

W.A.M. will hit the enemy hard. While we expect to lose a few machines during the insurrection of our forces, we should not lose any animal soldiers. Their precious life blood will not be wasted. Every drop from their dying bodies will be worth the sacrifice. Our souls will win this war. We will W.A.M..