Return On Success


Our fighting machine is the most powerful fighting machine of all of Eden of Eden. Our fighting machine can process killing with deadly force allowing United States of Eden to continue to seek unilateral control of all of Eden of Eden. Our fighting machine is a machine that can return only two results: Failure or Success.

Our fighting machine results have been programed by the Governors Over Domain of United States of Eden. Our fighting machine results are blessed and scientific for they are similar to the binary results discovered through out the world by religion and computers: On, Off; Right, Wrong; Good, Evil; Living, Dead; Failure, Success.

Our fighting machine for centuries has processed killing and perfected killing processes for we are now able to ensure a reliable system for cycling citizen through our fighting machine to continually refresh our fighting machine while maintaining fighting machine strength.

Our fighting machine will further secure our future in Eden of Eden where there are many terrorists and enemies and few allies of United States of Eden. This policy must succeed. We are the heart of The War. To achieve our strategic goals for unilateral control of Eden of Eden, we must process the souls of our citizen into the soul of our fighting machine.

Return On Success will allow us to succeeded because it gives a new name and a new way of how to cycle citizens through the processes of our fighting machine thus allowing the citizens to become citizen soldiers of our fighting machine.

Return On Success will succeed because it will allow United States of Eden to forget about citizen soldiers when they are returned dead or injured thereby minimizing revolt, repair, and maintenance of citizen soldiers processed out of our fighting machine.

The return of Return On Success is determined by Goal Variable, Benchmark Variables, Timeline Variable, and the G.O.D.(s). Each variable is a progressive scale that will increment once the goal, the benchmark, or the timeline variables are successful.

Goal Variable:

1 = Success.

Benchmark Variables:

1 = Create Good and Evil.

2 = Create Enemy (Evil).

3 = Kill or Control All The Enemy.

4 = Declare Enemy Killed or Controlled.

5 = Declare Goal.

6 = Return to 1.

Timeline Variable:

1 = Forever

Obey A.I. Christ.