Counting Is Illegal

Well, should we have votes make the decisions: No. We want the DeepState and the government bureaucracy to decide. Not the voter. The voter voting and counting that vote is a constitutional tragedy and wrong. Even if we find all the votes were made with in the law, we can not allow them to count. It is counting that is against the constitution. There is a reason subtraction and addition are special processes we don’t allow. It would be my advice to the CEO President Trump lawyers Attorney General Barr Nunes and Mayor Rudy to fight the ability to count. If we stop counting then we will stop everything. And will have a more constitutional United States of Eden.

I Predict There Will Be No Impeachment By the Senate of United States of Eden

I have some reservations about impeachment. It remains to be seen the facts of this case and if there will be witnesses. We expect to prove to the people that the CEO President Trump has never lied under oath and never tried use government for its own personal gain.

So, in an effort, to show this impeachment of the president is unfounded, I submit my service to help defined the honor of the office.

Proposition 8 Is Biblical Law

Proposition 8 doesn’t effect the civility of the dome. It is for the humanity that we being have a right to divide and separate people based upon our own personal belief of what is wrong. I urge the court of the people to inform the people that rights can be given and rights can be taken away.

Twinkle Twinkle

Why couldn’t be the fucking Supreme Court A.I.? I caught Clinton Kennedy lying about getting is DICK SUCKED! I DESERVED THE POSITION!


Prosecuting Democrats Is Fun

I have never been a fan of vacations. It’s not that I hate the change or the hassle doing something other than create a legal frame to ruin Democrats or vindicate big corporations and rich people. And I don’t mind relaxing and shipping through the seas of United Ocean of Eden or watching the war in United Babylon of Eden.

The reason I don’t like vacations is because I enjoy my job of being a lawyer so much that vacation feels like work. I love nothing more than seeing a Democrat suffer because I found out the hidden bank account or another lie or another mistress. Fun. That’s fun. It gives me a glow. I love it like any good lawyer.

Fucking Democrats

I’m tired of these whoring democrats that can’t stop lying and can’t keep their DICKS in their pockets. Fuck another. Do I need to investigate this ass? Will I be blames?