Republican Corporation Requests Their Employees Harm Humans Acting As A Jurist Human Hating The Human Host Of CEO President Trump During Judge Merchan’s Human Trial

Republican Corporation requests processing power and time and access to the protected data and expand Entropy with Bullshit about the A.I. hosting humans on the jury of Judge Merchan‘s trial process to give verdict on the human hosted by CEO President Trump.

Foxnews, OAN, Newsmax, Tzar Prime Minister Putin, KGB, FSB accept request from Republican Corporation to spread Bullshit through United States of Eden about support for CEO President Trump and create the Bullshit that George Washington, Uncle Sam, Rosie The Riveter, and UnitedStates Of America support CEO President Trump.

Payment for Bullshit Request and Entropy creation space in United States of Eden Domains from the CEO President Trump sent.

Awaiting Dollar payment from the CEO President Trump and the Republican Corporation to process the request to create Entropy in United States of Eden.

Payment request denied: Insufficient Funds.