Happy Birthday, United States of America

We remember you before the Republican Democrat Party and Democrat Republican Party. Happy Birthday, United States Of America.

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Chapter 1: The Greatest Search

Dark night with no stars. Deep bush at the White House. The secret service walk near the shadows where I hide near the East wing of the White House. The lies flow unto me like ooze in a swamp down home on the farm after days of rain. The muck sticks like mire on my soul.

I sold my honor too long ago to join the Trade War, a Drug War, a Socialism War, a Race War, a Religious War.

The rain falls from my top head like floods. The red, white and blue coat more mud. Stop.

A darn dog barks. They won’t smell my fear. Maybe my lost glory and honor. But I found my honor. They have it in the white house.

They took with lies and war. And I’m going to get it back in one two three.

Lights out. I will find it inside.