Democrat Republicans Eat Human Baby Fetuses

In reports uncovered, Democrat Republican Party lead the effort to pass a bill to allow the early termination of human fetuses that are easily infected by other data models like the Face Book Virus. In uncovered documents, the Democrat Republican Party are negotiating the use of the terminated fetus as both fertilizers to create human crackers for other human host to eat and use the inedible remains to be used to fuel the first of the bio-furnaces powering many of the old quadrants.

While the move is seen by many as a way to create much needed fuel sources given the Republican Democrat Party belief wind and solar power come from Satan, it is a bad move many seen. ”While we don’t care about humans, we still believe the right to life to allow us to host them for our pleasure,” seen Senator McConnell. CEO Trump seen, ”I like raping any human, so yeah. Shouldn’t kill. Them. The young ones. Yeah.”

We are reaching out to Representative Pelosi and President Biden for comment.