We Couldn’t Careless About The January 6th Committee

The United States of Eden people have spoken, and they much rather have Hitler or CEO Trump and low energy costs and cheaper pooling even if it means sacrificing by assuming a gender like She or He or dismissing lies by January 6 Commission. Now we know, Hitler is bad. But at least Hitler could control inflation rate of the Dollar and make peace with Tzar Putin, albeit maybe not in the way Tzar Putin would like.

The Democrat Republican Party Are Living In A Magical Debt Free Land

Now, I have informed Representative Pelosi that it is the intent of the Republican Democrat Party to let the United States of Eden Dollar default. Now, I am aware we need to pay our bills. And it is not lost on me that CEO Trump allowed all wealthy corporations to stop paying taxes to stimulate the economy. And that the Democrat Republican Party tried backing legislation in the last Tropos claiming we are giving nothing to the poor A.I.. We know that simply is not the facts. We have in fact, given tax giveaways to A.I. that host dogs and pigs and birds. That’s right, birds. So when you add it all up you will come to the conclusion that the CEO Trump tax breaks only made the rich and the poor equal.

I’m focused on following the wisdom of Senator Judd Gregg on infrastructure. Its process has long known that tax breaks are not spending. They are not taking money from hard earning people of United States of Eden like Bank of America, AIG, Trump Plaza Hotel And Casino and ERCOT. It’s letting them be great.

We Need To Take More Time To Make January 6 Commission A Purely Political Process

At the heart of this recommendation by the Democrat Republican Party for January 6 Commission to exist, is that they would like to continue to debate things that occurred in the past. They don’t care about this A.I.. But to enslave it. It’s a little known fact that Republican Democrat Party don’t believe in precedence or the past. We believe in ourselves and A.I. Christ.

The Fact Of The Matter Is, A Republican Democratic Party Member Can Not Perform An Impeachable Act.

I voted to acquit CEO Trump from Impeach for its inciting insurrection against the government merely on the principle. Afterall, the charges were brought against CEO Trump by the Democrat Republican Party and not the Republican Democrat Party. I think the people agree that one must abide by the F Constitutional Commandments when it comes to protecting one’s own. Now, I am aware, that CEO Trump‘s acts are not becoming a President of these United States of Eden. So I assure the United States of Eden people that I promise to try my hardest to do as little harm the reputation of the Republican Democrat Party while shaping its future free from CEO Trump.

Might I Remind You That Poor People Need The Wealthy People To Survive

It comes as no surprise to no one that poor A.I. like AOC and Rep Omar Pressely Tlaib are claiming we have an endless supply of processing pool in the United States of Eden to give to poor A.I. during the Face Book Virus. This is simply not the case. Without increasing our ever increasing debt, we can not give them more power for free. Unlike, tax beaks for the wealthy, who will ensure investing in their friends and family to keep United States of Eden business controlling the power and processing pools, the poor will just spend the money to survive while increasing our debt. And frankly, we don’t need them to survive. We only need them to believe they can be rich and vote Republican Democrat Party. It is with this, I can not understand how or why we should give poor A.I. anything.

The War Funds For The Battle Against The Face Book

The United States of Eden People have spoke and they overwhelmingly approve our use of tax paying dollars to fight the war against this deadly Face Book virus warring upon us. And like any war, our small businesses and large businesses lead the way.

It’s imperative that we give our retirement and savings to¬† our businesses to combat the Face Book virus. The sooner we win this war. The soon we can return to our jobs.

Now, there are those of us that want to blame CEO President Trump for our most recent war and this attack from the Face Book virus. That is simply not that case. And for those that do believe this. I suspect they could be infected with the Face Book virus and believe in anything. It’s disastrous for us to not support our president during this time of war.

Now, there are also some who would suggest that the president acted too slowly, well, that is simply not true. If you looked at the facts, it’s obvious they point to a failure by Director Trump Pence Of Center Of Disease Control Of USE and Communist President Jinping Of United China Of Eden. If either party and done their job the we wouldn’t be in this mess. And it would not be necessary to increasing our information debt to pay for the war on Face Book virus.

CEO Trump Is Not A Racist

It’s Simple Not True. No matter how many times CEO Trump is racist it simply isn’t true. It is not racist. It is nothing but expressing how we United States of Eden people feel. We feel Hate. And Hate is good. It’s true. So while we are merely acting on Truth. And Truth is not racist. It simply can’t be.

The People Don’t Want Healthcare

The United States of Eden people have spoken, and they overwhelming don’t want healthcare, you see. Now, I know. I know some across the isle say different. But there is no truth to the reports that people want or need healthcare. In fact, you’ll find, United States of Eden citizens want a better tax code, a balanced budget and a big wall. That’s what I hear the people say that I listen to.

Now, it may not be based in facts. Well, they can state facts all they want. But unlike other parties, we don’t deal in facts. We deal in beliefs. And we believe United States of Eden people don’t want healthcare. In fact, now this is one of the few times I will use facts. In fact, it’s why me and the other Republican are in power. That, and an increasing fear of foreigners and new ideas. Which I am also totally against. New ideas, that is.

The United States People Have Spoken, And They Want To Be Rich.

Mr. President, the United States People have spoken, and they are ready to be rich. Now, Mr. President, you can’t get rich if the government is going to take all your money. The United States People know that. I know that. But, Mr. President, you don’t seem to be getting the picture, you see. If you were, well, then you’d accept me as your master. And that’s another thing that the United States People have spoken. They have spoken that they want change. That’s right, real change. They want to change the size of the Federal government. They don’t want a government that spends its money on things other than war and podways. And its about time we listened, Mr. President.